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Dear Editor,

There is no denying the dysfunctional state of affairs in our beloved country of Samoa today. What is blatantly clear is the emotional roller coaster amongst our citizens, both here at home and abroad. 

I know Saute Sapolu, I’ve met and conversed with Saute, personally. I find him to be respectful, articulate, educated and very passionate about his Samoa. 

What he found wrong with Samoa upon his return from his academic studies and a professional football career in the USA, and tried to mediate, yet he was manhandled, mistreated and thrown in jail to rot, is his, the man’s rightful wrath which he owns and takes full responsibility for and cannot be assigned elsewhere, PM Tuilaepa and Samoa. 

Ae fa’afetai fa’amalo le fa’atamaalii lau Susuga, Unasa Iuni Sapolu. O Samoa e faitama ma e malamala lelei i lena tulaga. O tatou o fanau lelei na fanau ma aoai e matua lelei. 

Yes, there is no excuse for Saute’s foul language in light of his great upbringing by outstanding parents. 

However there has to be a higher philospetical and wise tolerance, a clearer leadership and parental prospective and understanding of whence thus sprung and the why, what and how, to deal with the pain and anger of the Saute, Malele and Tala’s of Samoa, to heal the family effectively. 

These are courageous young men in the same caliber as our historical heroes of the Samoa “Mau a Pule” of yester years, the seed, which eventually brought Samoa its independence in 1962. Why kill their fires? 

Why not harness their passion and advocacy for justice, a guide a light for your leadership steps going forward? Controversies welcomed by the wise. 

For you see, they are at their pain tolerance level, the limit to how much and how long before the reaction of “fight or flight”. 

The lesser man will take flight from its source of pain but only heroes (toa) will stay and fight with all they have, mentally, physically, verbally or all of the above albeit, family and cultural upbringings, spiritual morale and common sense, to eliminate the source and guarantee no one else suffers the same pain. 

This is charity, the courage to act. Samoa is at this stage of anger and frustrations on how this government is running the affairs of the country. 

Albeit the fact these young Samoan, and patriots, live comfortable lives abroad, it does not negate the compassion and love a Samoan has for a fellow Samoan, the empathy felt for the plight of the poor majority stuck in the rut and the corrupt politics dictating life & death in Samoa today. 

Destitute families in dire poverty, unable to make ends meet, with lives best suited for slaves of the dark ages, in today’s Samoa. 

If Samoans are angry and frustrated, manifesting emotions in undesirable languages and expressions ions, understandably so. 

What is a leader or father to do under these conditions? Save his own hide and throw his children under the bus? 

Shame and punish to show and prove your powerful might? 

Lock them up and make the Malele’s an example to the rest who dare to challenge or question your rule? 

Ignore their voices and source of pain? 

Feed them to the lions and burn them at the stake, PM Tuilaepa?

Needless to say, a peaceful and functioning government is a beacon for all to follow and respect, but where there is none, respect is a fool’s tool. 

Survival of the fittest becomes the norm. 

This is where we are Samoa. The Government is determined to survive by hook or by crook. Our duty then is to call a spade a spade. 

Hear and feel the pain, the cry for help of the Saute Sapolu, Malele Paulo and Tala Pauga’s. 

Join the voices of S.S.I.G. and representative voices of its generous lawyers and professional membership, patriots liberated from Samoa’s years of P.M. Tuilaepa’s rule, fighting for all Samoans today and into perpetuity. 

Freedom is not free, but freedom is worth it all. Repeal LTRA 2008.


Asipau McMoore Tafua

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