Family counts blessings despite the challenges

For the Fa'alogo family, obtaining water has become an everyday struggle - but one they refuse to let dent their appreciation for life’s blessings. 

Tofi and Luavalu Fa'alogo and their eight children live with the struggle of having limited access to water, something they say has become a perpetual difficulty.

"Life is good and we simply enjoy what we have," Tofi Fa'alogo told the Samoa Observer. 

"However, there is this problem we face every day, and that is the limited water supply. You can ask the families living around this area, and they will be able to tell you the same thing. 

"We have been praying and waiting for the water supply to reach this side of the country, but up to now, there is no luck."

Every day, Mr Fa'alogo borrows one of their neighbours' trucks so he can travel to their other family living near the Leulumoega Hospital to collect water for the family to use. 

"We have a water tank, but it is very small. It is especially hard during dry and sunny weather. We would make two trips a day so we can get enough water for the family,” he said. 

"As you know, we all need water in order to survive. 

"We need it for food, drinking, showers and [other things]. We have so many young children in the family and that's why it's important that we have enough water supply for everyone.

"Therefore, I always make a trip or sometimes twice a day to our other house and family living near the road.

"Another problem with that is, the water bill for our family goes up as we keep collecting water from them.

"You know how life is in Samoa; we don't have money most of the time, therefore it's a hassle for us because we have to give money not only to the owner of the truck we use, but also the family where we collect water from."

Despite their daily struggle, Mr. and Mrs. Fa'alogo said they enjoy the simplicity of life in Samoa. 

"Here, you can never starve. The only way a person can starve is when they don't work,” Mr. Fa'alogo said. 

"We understand that some people are unemployed at the moment because of the global pandemic so it's a really tough time we're living at the moment. 

"But God blessed us with lands that we can work on freely, and agriculture is the main source of income for most of us.

"We should appreciate that and make good use of it. I hear a lot of people complaining about the high cost of living and some cry out saying they are living in poverty. 

"But to me, you suffer if you don't get up and work. You can't sleep all day and expect money to come to you. 

"You have to get up and start working then you will get money. Some of us depend heavily on our relatives overseas to keep sending them money, but we are all suffering because of [the coronavirus].

"Therefore, I personally believe that the key to all of this is hard work." 

If you would like to help the Fa'alogo family they can be reached on 7749468 or 7293974. 


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