Female Auditor eyes seat in Parliament

An Auditor and Deputy Country Manager for FEXCO Samoa Western Union, Mulipola Anarosa Ale-Molio'o, is heading for a career change, should she succeed in the 2021 General Election.

A Board Member of the Samoa Victim Support Group, 52-year-old will be flying the flag of the Fa'atuatua i le Atua Samoa ua Tasi (F.A.S.T.) party in her first attempt to enter Parliament and will be contesting the seat for Palauli West.

The seat is currently occupied by Member of Parliament, Afoa Faleulu Mauli. 

The Palauli West constituency is made up of the villages of Taga, Siutu, Sala'ilua, Satuiatua, Foailalo and Foailuga. 

The aspiring politician admitted that the decision for her to step in the political arena was not easy. 

However, her desire to help and serve her family, villages, and constituency, ignited her will to become a Member of Parliament. 

According to Mulipola, it was when she first entered the sittings within the village council as a matai, where she observed and saw that there was a great need for help for the betterment of her villages and constituency. 

"When I first entered the village council, I observed carefully and saw that help was needed, so I thought to myself, what's the use of being a part of this sitting and being involved with the village council through the matai title, while I have no contribution? And after discussing with the chiefs of the village, and the elders of the village informed me that there are many areas that need improvement," she said.

"Those are the significant reasons that got me thinking; what were the needs of the village, and I saw that there's a lot of work that should be done. Even though we stay in Upolu and work here, we never forget our obligations to the family and villages (in Savai'i). 

"Staying and working here in Upolu (offers) a good opportunity (for us) as it provides connections and the ability to search and find ways to develop the areas that need improvement for the constituency."

Nevertheless, she says her affiliation with the Women's Committee within the villages of her constituency opened her eyes to all the areas that needed improvements for the betterment of the families within her constituency. 

"For example, as you may have been aware, our village Siutu, their measina (treasure) is the siapo; their main development is the making of siapo and ie sae (fine mat). But we have noticed that there is no place for them to sell it. Our markets as you know have been greatly affected because of the pandemic," Mulipola said. 

That was something she was able to assist the women with, by finding markets and people for the ladies to sell goods such as fine mats to, and earn money for their families. 

"Not only that, but there are also (other) projects undergoing at the moment. We have so many partnerships with our international partners and our villages and projects are benefiting from it too," she said. 

For example, said Mulipola, is the planting and nurturing of three native plants: ago, fiu (ginger) and the u'a (that is used for making siapo/tapa cloth).

"Not only that but also in terms of education. We have made applications to international partners and donors and are awaiting results," Mulipola said. 

The mother-of-five has vowed that she will continue pushing for these projects and developments if the constituents offer her their trust to be their representative in Parliament in next year's elections. 

So why is she contesting as a candidate for the F.A.S.T. party? 

"As sweet as the name of this political party, Fa'atuatua i le Atua Samoa ua Tasi (F.A.S.T.), the word faith according to my research as a Christian, is a word that has brought a great message," Mulipola said. 

"As human beings, our knowledge becomes extinct, and our strength fades, but we believe that where our strength ends, God will handle the rest. Whatever plans and aspirations a person has, they can prepare on their own, and it's possible that they can make a mistake. 

"But I'm leaving it to God."

Mulipola also believes that family values and virtues are the foundation of everything in Samoa. And she believes that the solution to all the issues facing Samoa can be found within our families. 

"If you look at our motto: "Our family, our people, our nation, our culture, and Christian Values is our collective responsibility," Mulipola said. 

"So by looking at our motto and the situation our country is in, at the moment, with the number of violence within families keeps hiking and our people are trying to find the answer to these problems. 

"If we look at the youths, it's so easy for them to end their lives (suicide.) 

"Then we look at families because we are still looking for a solution to these problems. 

"In my own opinion as a mother, if we don't build our families the right way it should be and have a solid foundation within our families, surely there will be a lot of troubles.

"The family environment is the first environment every human being grows up in. It is certain that if this environment, where we have the father, mother, and their children is not well built, surely there will be questions.

"The way I see it, if our children are well nurtured within our families, we will not have to question their engagement within the other environments. 

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