This is cucumber time

By Lumepa Hald 13 August 2017, 12:00AM

Of the weather lately, my funny Guy says, “ This is cucumber time.” 

The cucumber does not really like the sun, nor enjoys moist like conditions. In fact the cucumber is content to be a lover of grey cloudy skies. 

I often write in my solitude about the sky. It seems to be the mirror of the human soul. So if you look up and the grey clouds are there, then figuratively speaking, we are clouded. For countries like China where there is no sky but purely smog, the poet in me would write that the soul there is probably passing away. 

Yet, here in the loveliness of our blue sky paradise, we have a moody line of traveling clouds. When the tourists on the beach ask me what the forecast is for the next week, I simply say, “ It is cucumber-some weather.” OF course the explanation comes with a bit of a laugh, but we must bear in our paradise minds as hostesses that there is nothing we can do about the forecast. While guests pay to see the sun of Samoa, they must also be reminded of the sun inside that shines naturally for each of us, we the iconic paradise inhabitants. 

I now live in the village and surrounded if not drowning in village mundane things. Common sense, if you ask me, is rare. But there are plenty people to blame if something goes wrong. So villagers, like politicians, always have a trick up their sleeves. It is like being in a Mark Twain fantasy but not really. Villagers are funnier, forgivable, and less predictable. 

Back to the cucumber; The cucumber time is also a time to find nothing to write about. It is a passionless time, so the things we think about are struggles of ideas, and emotions to come free from the rut of a depressing sun-less sky. 

To save yourself, do not follow the instagram joke I read this morning. It said, “ Save me,” The response was, “ With pdf or jpg?” 

Excuse my romantic-ness but isn’t this going too far? The world of social media makes me sad sometimes. 

I think it is too unreal. I think it is too much too. 

The i-phone, the pretense, the jokes, are all too easy to get away with. Where is the depth of our lives? If the answer is in google, Moses help us now please. 

 But this is cucumber time. So if you are feeling less motivated, think like a cucumber. Make a salad, and spice it up. I love to eat cucumbers from the fridge, because the coldness of them, tastes refreshing. So if you want to be refreshing, cool down, and show your young at heart personality. 

Whiten up your soul like the clear blue sky and brave to sit quiet for a while, till it is time to run and play when the sun shines bright again. 

I have been bed ridden half my days in the past week, due to a cucumber-some flu. 

I took the time to enjoy the fevers and ponder on what I could do without thinking so much. Illness like death is a messenger of joy. It reminds us to appreciate who and what we are. Well, I was beginning to cry like a bucket is the end of me, till my funny Guy said, “ Do you have a long nose?” To which I responded with a belly aching laugh at myself. 

Feeling sorry for yourself is the last thing you need to do in cucumber time. It is a time to realize, life and destiny is always in control, never your lovely self! 

Enjoy your cucumber time. 

By Lumepa Hald 13 August 2017, 12:00AM

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