Don’t be lazy, work hard and keep working

By Lizzy Hunt 11 September 2017, 12:00AM

“If you don’t work you don’t eat.” 

The quote is self-explanatory.

For 69-year-old Muliaga Lafao of Leulumoega, it’s a philosophy he lives by.

In the boiling heat on Friday, he was still working in his plantation with his sprayer.

 “Yes, I enjoy working at the plantation and this is why none of my family experiences starvation,” said Muliaga 

He has a big family, with children and grandchildren, few of them are overseas while others are staying with him at Leulumoega. He uses to live in Apia but he moved after 40 years because of family reasons.

“It’s been a year now since I moved back to Leulumoega. 

“My family came from humble beginnings but through hard work and God’s love, look at where we are now these are all the blessings from above.”

Muliaga said things are going well in his family and the village.

Their only struggle is water.

“The water doesn’t reach this place,” he said. 

“We get our water supply from somewhere else. The vehicle that delivers us water costs a lot of money. Most other families have received help with water tanks.”

But not Muliaga. He needs a water tank for his place.

Asked what he thinks about the cost of living, he responded: “The cost of living is expensive but why complain when there’s another way to get food?

“I am still working at the plantation for my family, and I never starve. I don’t even go the market to sell my crops. People always come to me each day to get coco, taros and bananas. I also have yams.”

He believes that life depends on how people live it.

“The lazy ones are most likely to experience starvation and complain about the expensive cost of living.

“If you’re hungry, turn to the lands, that’s where you can get food. Relying on others and being lazy won’t get you anything to eat.”

By Lizzy Hunt 11 September 2017, 12:00AM

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