Housing help needed for hardworking father

By Nefertiti Matatia 15 April 2018, 12:00AM

Meet Tala Mu from Mulifanua. 

He has been living in a rundown shack for more than 20 years.

The father of four is seeking assistance for a proper shelter.

Mr. Mu is a groundsman. He says whatever money he makes is not enough to fix his problems. 

His house leaks when it rains and the wood of his house is not strong.

Life is hard, despite having a water tank and electricity.

“The house that we live in is no longer safe and in terms of sanitation, it is very poor. We don’t have anything that is stable,” Mr. Mu shared with the Village Voice team. 

“The floor is weak and it does not help with the roof leaking every time it rains because the wood decays quickly. 

“It is a never ending cycle. This is what we have to undergo every time it rains and it has damaged most of our belongings,” said the 61-year-old.

“We have a pit toilet and there is a disadvantage to it. When it gets windy, it carries the smell all the way to where we sleep or eat.

“I know for sure that the mosquitoes are attracted to those kinds of areas and our house does not have screens or anything like that.

They have no option but to remain at their current residence. 

“I have two children who are in school while the others stay home with my wife. I am the only one who works.

“The land that we live in also does not belong to us.  We get to stay here but at the same time we have to clean the land that we live on, which is a payment for living here.”

For anyone willing to help Mr. Mu and his family, contact the number 7203985.

By Nefertiti Matatia 15 April 2018, 12:00AM

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