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Dear Editor,

One of the most popular and basic questions being asked around the world today is, What is truth?

Here is a very precise answer from the world’s most renowned authors, scholars and theologians, Truth is that which affirms proportionally the nature of reality as it is, and that which corresponds to reality as perceived by God, because God perception of reality is never distorted but it is a perfect perception of reality. 

Let me illustrate it this way, the crucifixion story of Jesus of which is evidentially true both historically and biblically. When Pilate ask Jesus, what is truth and walks away, he walked away from the greatest authority on the greatest question and committed the greatest crime at that time. 

Now you said my religious belief holds no evidence that is in fact truth, I thank you for stating that because now it allows people like me to turn the lights out on people like you, so you may realize darkness is not light. 

I won’t speak about other religious view over truth, other than Christianity because that is what this independent nation is founded on. Let me pin point this for you, when we say a particular religious view is truth, there are 4 fundamental questions that need to be dealt with. 

1) Origin – why are we here 

2) Meaning – what brings me meaning 

3) Morality – what is right and wrong 

4) Destiny – what happens when I die 

These questions are answered in two ways; 

1) Correspondence – every answer must correspond the truth, either through empirical measurement or logical reasoning 

2) Coherence – all answer is combined together and are cohere. 

And if you really that persistent with your belief, spare some time to see how different religious view respond to this test and question, and I assure you that Christian world view, not only it claims exclusivity, but it even pull these four together with corresponding answer that are truthful and coherent answer that stand the test of our time. 

I’m not surprised what Wendy Wonder pointed out, it is not something new that the unbelievers especially atheism keep on denying the existence of a Greater Being, you said one doesn’t need God (god) to be moral, and by saying biblical studies is a waste of an education. I do respect your opinion and I am not going to judge you on that because it is really not my prerogative, but here are a few things that I want to point out. 

Dostoevsky a famous Philosopher said, if God doesn’t exist then everything is permissible, so let me ask this, if morality is from God and Christians believe that as well, of which is the basis and the reason for being moral, then what is the point of you trying to be moral if you don’t have a basis and a purpose to do so? 

Come to think of this, if there is such thing as good, then there is such thing as evil, if there is such thing as evil, then there is such thing as moral law that differentiate good and evil, and if there is such thing as a moral law then there should be a moral law Giver and Creator. So what then are you saying? 

You enquire evidence of truth in Christianity, just to prove the existence of heaven and souls of which that are what atheists and agnostics is searching for, the absolute proof that God, heaven really exist, so if you can’t find proof, how can you disprove the existence of heaven, and truth in God? 

The last thing is this; I believe you are a bit of a mix up by saying fact about truth, and fact is only sacred, truth and facts are commonly an opposite thing, one of the common saying in the court of law “Every jury resolves in a verdict, but not every verdict resolves in the truth.”

Fact by definition is what actually happened and occurred and it remain as it is, but truth on the other hand, is the true state of a fact that even consider feelings and beliefs, that is why truth is sacred rather than fact. 


S. Matautia

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