Villages move to stop burning rubbish

By Marc Membrere 11 June 2020, 2:00PM

Some villages in Samoa have moved to stop the habit of burning rubbish near homes and within the village fearing the harmful impact of gas emitted from these fires. 

One of the village is Malie on the west of Upolu.

Village Mayor, Fa'amausili Siona Tauafao, said they discourage the families in their village from burning rubbish near homes or anywhere within the village.

He stated that the announcements that the Government has shown through the television have informed the community and the village council about the situation.

 “We are moving towards it and we have given orders to our community as we usually have meetings and whatever laws the Government puts into place, our village follows,” he said in a phone interview with Samoa Observer.

“There are also different committees in the village to inform the village about anything that is needed to be done,” he said.

 “We inform the residents of the village for their safety and so they can follow the laws from the government such as banning the burning of rubbish for the health and safety of the people."

Fa’amausili stated that he has not seen anyone in their village burning rubbish anymore due to the fact all rubbish is now collected and placed on the rubbish stands near the road for the rubbish truck to collect every week. 

He said that this is one reason why burning rubbish in their village has decreased.

 “Before I would usually see smoke in the area but ever since the announcements about putting a stop to burning rubbish began to appear, we haven’t seen any of this anymore,” he said.

“Every home in the village has rubbish stands in front of their house for this cause and we are grateful for this assistance because the rubbish trucks always come to gather the rubbish in the village.”

The village of mayor of Vailele, Togia Amina, shared similar sentiments and told the Samoa Observer that burning rubbish near homes and in the village has been stopped.

“It has been a while since someone in the village has done this. People used to burn their rubbish after mowing the lawn but now all rubbish is gathered together and taken away,” he said.

“The rule is also enforced in the inland area of the village because many people have plantations there."

He further stated that the village has also put a stop to the use of styrofoam food containers during any gatherings in the village and they are now using traditional plates (mailo).

“There are also usual visits done around the village to make sure that all rubbish is taken to rubbish stands near the road. No rubbish is burned near homes anymore,” he said.

By Marc Membrere 11 June 2020, 2:00PM

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