Samoa walking on a tight rope

Dear Editor,

Re: Chinese Embassy sets record straight 

This is a perfect example of “give them and inch and they take a mile”, foreign aid is just that-aid! It is not an open invitation to abuse the goodwill and benevolence of others. It is arrogance and selfishness to expect handouts.

As the financial budget revealed, Samoa is surviving on foreign aid, hardly anything to be proud off especially since the apparent upgrade of Samoa to a developed country by the UN that Tofaeono Hollywood proudly boasts about is propped up by these funds which begs the question “how have these funds been used to stimulate economic growth and independency?” 

As the saying goes “give a man a fish....” Samoa’s continual dependence on foreign aid only means one thing-the piper always gets paid! When that day comes what will be offered up as collateral? 

The answer is land.

I would say thank you to China’s charitable presence in Samoa.

However, I understand this is a symbiotic relationship and nothing is for free, maybe I am too cynical of the motivation of some and for this I apologise but am also grateful for the aid given to our people.



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