Go Samoa Airways

Well Samoa Airways is getting some good press this week.

Take this one from the only Cindy of Samoa who posted on Facebook about her wonderful experience flying our national carrier.

“So after two months in Samoa #home I rang up and asked Samoa Airways to please put me on their flight back to Auckland. I couldn’t get thru." 

“The line was faulty. Not SAMOA Airways fault,” she said. 

“I left a message on their Facebook and straight away the manager rang me and sort out my travels. I got on the flight and I was so comfortable. I was offered a glass of orange juice as I don’t drink. I fell asleep and when I woke up, the flight attendant asked if I was ready for my food. Apparently everyone else had eaten. Great service. I had a two main course meal. Meals with good portion. Wow.”

Cindy’s message is a long one but she ends it by saying: “For me it’s Samoa Airways all the way from now on. You are my airline.”

Well it’s good to get some positive new for the national airline.

Cindy’s patriotism will certainly go a long way to pay that $12million tala loan from U.T.O.S. Oi aue!


Quick weight loss tips

Simi was sitting at a gym and watching all the people trying to lose weight.

He leans across and whispers to Sione: “Sole, poor people. If only they knew the secret to quick weight loss?”

Sione immediately became interested and asked: “So what is the secret?”

Simi smiles, looks at Sione and says: “Listen and learn son, there are two ways. The first one is that if you want to lose weight quickly, fall in love with the wrong woman.”

Hahahaha… Sione laughs out loud.

“So what’s the other one?” he asks. 

“Shole…” Simi says. “The other way is to take out a million tala loan from the bank. Can’t you see that you can easily spot out the guys with million tala loans. They’re the skinny ones who look like they haven’t slept all night?”

Great driver 

Let’s give up for the driver of the bus involved in a crash at Vaoala on Wednesday. Most of the time when things like this happen, the public condemn the drivers. Rightly so in some cases.

But not this one, BTL reckons. The driver should be hailed a hero. He did not panic.  What happened and how the gearbox became jammed, only the mechanics will be able to work that out.  But that driver deserves an award for his quick thinking and his calmness that saved all those lives. 

We don’t even want to imagine what could have happened if he had panicked under those circumstances. Malo lava.

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