The four wise chiefs

Dear Editor,

Re: Chiefs not satisfied, complaint elevated 

The whole concept adopted by the government to invigorate economic growth by subjecting to outside banking initiatives is down right wrong.

The founding fathers of Samoa when we got our independence from the Imperialist were wise in their decision to control outside influence.

They knew very well that this was going to happen when we open up Samoa to the globalist agenda.

Sacrificing our indigenous rights of land ownership for economic growth will lead us down to a road of self destruction of our Matai system, our cultural heritage and our social well being as Samoans.

Looking at one’s identity is like whitewashing ones history from the face of the earth. The globalist agenda to enslave the people of the world by enticing them to borrow to stimulate their economies and using their assets (land) to collateralize these loans is unacceptable. There are so many examples in history that we can draw from to verify our concern. 

The well thrived Egyptian culture came to an end when the Greeks invaded “Kemet”, changed their name to Egypt and took over their land. They created the first white Pharaoh in Egypt and declared him as “Serapis Christus.” The fictitious character they sold us when they came in 1830 with their Corporations. Do some research then you will find out the truth. I’m at awe that only a few of our people are aware of this monstrosity of deception by the government to undo the lock and key custodial law that was in place to protect our land.

O fea o iai le tofa mamao ma le utaga loloto, le moe manatunatu e pei sa iai tua’a ua momoe mai tia. Ona ou manatua ai lea ole tagi talatala a si lo’omatua Savai’i e fa’apea, “E talofae, e fasi ane lava si a’u tama a’o fea o i ai Lilomaiava, e fasi ane lava si a’u tama, a’o fea o iai Le tagaloa,e fasi ane lava si a’u tama a’o fea o iai le Tapa’au ole Alataua....a’o fea o iai le La’ulu. E fa’apena le tagi u’u ale lo’omatua Upolu. E fasi ane lava si a’u tama a’o fea o iai Papa e fa.” Ona momomo ai lea ole loto aua ua galo ia Samoa mea sina a si o tatou atunu’u.

I am in full support of these wise men of Samoa that are standing in solidarity to question the law and to protect the sanctity of our Samoan heritage. 

The law of Cause and Effect will prevail. The equatorial balance has to maintain to quantify the truth, which is the divine presence of universal principles.

Ia manuia si tatou atunu’u pele o Samoa.


Lei’ataua RB

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