Pay the coach based on his potential

Dear Editor,

Knowing quite well the enormous if not fanatical attachment of the Samoans to its rugby team and its winnings and losses; I was more than surprised—you see I read the newspaper in a horizontal position - to learn thru Eliota Fuimaono’s  comment that a rugby coach is paid well above than anybody else in this country. Wow! Not to mention the head of state and P.M. and ministries to boot.

As for myself, soccer is my cup of tea.   Where in the government payroll says that the rugby team coach supposed to be paid more than the Head of State?

Is there any exception in the payroll scale that states … if a  coach is hired pay him more than the Head of State and the P.M.? 

If Fiji could have had him, would they pay him well above what Bainamarama is making or if Tonga grabbed him would they pay him well above what the King of Tonga is making? 

Well, those two countries have more sense than whoever here thinks is doing a favour to the country, or to him? Coup or no coup.

I would like to know. 

Did he (the coach) ask how much he wanted to be paid or Samoa said look man we want you even if we have to pay you more than our Head of State. 

Remember, money is no problem here.  “We are not a poor country” right Mr. P.M.? 

Or, of all possibilities: was he given a blank cheque to write his worth?  I (and others) will never know. Being a job counselor, my belief has always been, that a person should be paid not based on education and experience—as is the general belief—but based on potential and capabilities.

Does the new coach have those skills under his belt?

Probably so and whoever hired him  (and you know who has the last word on all that mess) is assuming that he does have them. 

Yet, we have not seen real proof of that here in paradise or elsewhere to begin with. All is hanging on what will happen with him at the helm of our boys, in the field of competition (here and abroad) where it counts. 

One more question.  Was one of the conditions of his hiring to be bilingual? 

If not why not? Time will tell. Bon Voyage! 


Orlando Huaman 


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