The church and Samoa today

Dear Editor, 

I cannot see any difference between church and politics. 

When I read about Kasiano Leauapepe and your front page Sunday paper about one Elder from E.K.F.S. Samatau against Pastor Oeti’s feuds I thought omg, I wonder if church should be included as another government department, because they play more corrupt practices and they are bad examples and worse just like H.R.P.P. see how the congregation in a church saw what their Pastor is doing is absolutely OK. 

I remembered just last new year’s loku vaiaso, one former Pastor from one mainline church went on and exposed the corruption of one theological college when he was there. 

The sad story after his lauga was that the poor retired Pastor was banned to enter this church somewhere in town by Matais and former Pastor of this church until now. 

I was told that they also warned another church not to allow this man in, kalofa e, brother ex faifeau, why you look for another loku, why can’t you just stay home enjoy yourself, pray in your own corner and do the right thing, because you are now a threat to those hypocrites right? 

Maybe you will also have some of your money for your kids’ future, because going to church today is like going to a nightclub, they demand cover charge. 

See what Mr. Leaupepe thinks, he needs to be educated. 

People have wrong motives for becoming Pastors and nothing done, the only advice is if in case you want to go to church, join the Mormons or Seventh Day Adventist, they practice love and peace, joy, and mostly lend a big hand to the people of Samoa. 

I keep saying they do not represent God, they are greedy  for Power and makapeapea ga’o le maga’o ai afu.

The Pastors are resting more and relaxing.

As you said they never stop praying for our country, what is the result just corrupt, corrupt, corrupt? 

So if churches were brought from outside, why do we believe such when we don’t understand them. 

The whites have been running us like slaves and you still want to follow and believe and please.  Many well educated people now know what those whites did to us, stole our land, killed our people, including epidemic influenza, so please don’t try to fool us. 

We are not going to listen to you, you are not God, can’t you see this corruption going on, ua leai gi kupe a le akuguu talk to your church members.




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