Violence is not a tool

Dear Editor,

Re: Horrific abuse of the voiceless 

You know, it’s a vicious cycle. 

You beat a child, the bruises heal but in that child’s mind, body and spirit, you inflicted pain, fear, hurt, anger, distrust, terror, horror, shame, embarrassment, humiliation, trauma... 

Now, ask yourself, are these the best attributes to imprint on the mind, body and spirit of our children? 

A good teacher does not tell a student how one must feel or think or do, but to give them the options and the likely outcome of their choices. 

Violence should not be a tool for raising and imprinting life lessons. There are better more effective ways of discipline. 

Take martial arts for one, Martial arts teaches self discipline, respect, service, humility, right attitude, right posture, strength, self defence, etc.

It instills confidence, not arrogance, gratitude, spirituality, selflessness and much more. 

Or, in some schools and homes, instead of punishing a child with violence, guided meditations have proved to transform the development of children and young adults. And above all, lots of love. 

I hope we can inspire positive forms of discipline instead of violence, from this discussion. Peace.


S. Matagi 

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