Couple keeps their promise

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 23 January 2018, 12:00AM

It was a wet and windy day in Apia, the perfect coffee drinking weather for Lloyd and Cherie of Rotorua, New Zealand, who were enjoying a strong brew at Taumeasina Island Resort. 

The couple is here with their grandson celebrating his 10th birthday.

According to Lloyd who has 4 grandchildren, he made a promise to all of them that they would take them somewhere special.

“I have four grandchildren, and I promised them that when they turn 10 that I would take them somewhere in the Pacific,” said Lloyd.

“The first one wanted to go to Australia and this one we’re here with wanted to come to Samoa because he wanted to go fishing. The one coming up to 10 years old wants to go to Bora Bora. She’s eight now, so we have two years to save up for that one,” he laughed.

Lloyd and Cherie are pretty qualified to be their grandson’s tour guide having been here five years ago and travelled all around Savai’i and Upolu. 

“We actually came five years ago. We’re back again because our 10-year-old grandson wanted to come here. Now that we’re here, we just want to show the grandson what we did last time, looking forward to taking him to Taga Blowholes and seeing some coconuts shooting out of there,” said Lloyd.

While Lloyd is pretty confident about the whereabouts of the best hotspots in Samoa, the one thing they are finding hard is fulfilling their grandson’s wish of fishing in Samoa.

“My grandson is enjoying it but he wants to go fishing and I’m not quite sure where to take him. I’m thinking that it’s a marine reserve out here so we wouldn’t be able to fish out here? The fishing trips are very expensive and not tailored for children. He’s happy just to throw a line out over the water,” she laughs.

But there would be swimming.

The family missed out on swimming in the Piula caves on Sunday because they were closed. However, determined to try again they would head to Piula to see if it was open for swimming. And if all else fails, there was always the swimming pool.

“The water in Samoa is so warm, it’s one thing that stands out to me because it’s nice all the way round, no matter where you take a dip, and it’s warm. Yesterday I thought the sea was quite hot. So we will be trying out the Piula caves today (yesterday) to see if it’s open and if it’s not, we’ll end up swimming in the swimming pool.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 23 January 2018, 12:00AM

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