Information will empower Savai’i

By Pai Mulitalo Ale 01 October 2016, 12:00AM

A priest in Savai’i has joined a growing chorus in calling for better services in Savai’i.

Father Ponifasio Kele Ulugia of the Samalaeulu and Mauga Parish believes the development of Savai’i is progressing well but the delivery of services needs a big improvement.

“We also want good services, we want to enjoy the services that people in Upolu are getting every day,” he said. 

Fr. Ponifasio acknowledged the work done by the media, because he believes information is very important.

He said people living in Savai’i should have equal access to information. 

“Take for example the televisions, there are so many channels in our country, but we don’t really get to see all.” 

He said there’s only one channel available at Samalaeulu and that is TV1.

In the rural areas, the elderly people love to listen, watch and read the news especially the Samoan programmes. But that is hardly available. 

“How can other villages in Upolu get to feature their programs on TV, radio and Newspapers while Savaii doesn’t have that opportunity?”

“We enjoy watching other villages and other churches programmes featured on the media but we wish one day that opportunity will come to us.”

The same goes for newspapers and radio stations.

Fr Ponifasio said information allows people to make informed choices.

“Information is important to us as well, people love to see things that are colourful we want to be informed every day but we don’t really get to see that from where we are. 

“I wish I get to see my picture in the newspaper but that is not available here,” Fr. Ponifasio laughed. 

The reception for mobile phones and internet technology is another issue.

 “Mobile phones are good, social media is also good if you use it in a good way but not to attack one another.”

At Samalaeulu, Fr. Ponifasio said life is peaceful. He said the people of the village are very supportive. 

 “Working together makes a burden lighter.” 

And according to Fr. Ponifasio that is their message to the people they serve.

Fr. Ponifasio shared his spiritual vision about the children of God. 

He said a person should have a brave heart to serve him and have an open mind about the work that he or she is doing. 

And that is his duty as a shepherd. 

By Pai Mulitalo Ale 01 October 2016, 12:00AM

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