This argument about taxes

Re: You can’t tax the alofa 

This is one of the most baffling arguments I keep hearing over and over and it just doesn’t make any sense. 

Everything you spend your money on is double taxed. If you give money you have been taxed on to Farmer Joe’s for groceries, Farmer Joe’s gets taxed on this as their income. 

They in turn give it to their staff who then get taxed on it. Servers in a restaurant get tips from money that has been taxed, they then get taxed on these tips as it is now their income. 

This double dipping argument is just a ludicrous argument that is not an argument that holds up. I’m getting so tired of hearing this lame argument over and over. 

Everyone pays tax on the same money that just keeps circulating in society by people who are using the common goods that they receive because they live in this society. 

The pastors, the churches and the government M.Ps are all members of a society so they should all be paying tax on their fat envelopes. 

If the pastors live in an area where their people are poor then their envelopes will be small and their tax bill will also be small if they have to pay at all. 

The ministers have just had it good for too long and have grown to believe they are entitled to certain privileges. 

They are not. They use the resources in the material world in which they live just like everyone else, so they should stop complaining like spoiled little children and pay their taxes.


Wendy Wonder 

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