Do we need all these commercial holidays?

Dear Editor, 

Re: Mother’s Day 

That is your opinion PS Jeffrey but if you were able to analyze anything without your biases you may see that these holidays are no longer holy customs that bring out the best but have become commercial venues for the 1% to hijack money from the poor. 

The Hallmark family laughs all the way to the bank and then off to Panama to open offshore accounts with all the money the poor spend on their cards and junk. 

As a result of the common persons brainwashing, the Hallmark children go to the finest universities where they take business courses which help them learn even more clever ways to extract even more money from the poor by making these traditions even more commercial and even bigger shopping holidays. 

Even in Samoa all the junk that is stocked in those crappy stores popping up all over Apia with all those cheap Chinese goods at Christmas time makes it obvious that even in Samoa, a country with more churches than is believable, is becoming a shopping mecca on these holidays too. 

Even poor Samoans will keep the children of the 1% going to the finest universities by becoming consumers, while the masses just keep getting less educated because they spent money they really cant afford to spend on these useless holidays. These holidays have become so stressful for people feeling like they need to keep up. 

You may not appreciate how I said it, and perhaps I was feeling a bit grumpy when I said it, so I apologize for that, but I assure you my argument is very credible. I don’t have the bias of religion, or sentiment/attachments to these holidays, or faith in the current global economic system to influence my thinking. I also don’t care if you like me or agree with my politically left leaning, atheistic, ideological view, that thinks unfettered development and commercialism are the biggest sins of our time and are the main reason that the world is suffering climate change at the rate it is happening but I suppose you could pray for me or something like that as I think you christians like to do this when they don’t like people. 

Regardless, as a result of human ignorance and greed we probably wont be around in another hundred years anyway. Anyway, why do businesses in Samoa need more shopping days don’t they do enough commerce going on with faalavalaves? 

I thought it was faalavalaves that were supposed to be keeping the Samoan economy functioning. Do they really need all the Palagi commercial holidays as well?


Wendy Wonder

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