Public welcome special dividend payment

By Jotham Ulutoa 03 December 2019, 12:00PM

Members of the public have welcomed the payment of a special dividend by the Samoa National Provident Fund (S.N.P.F).

The S.N.P.F. office in town was packed with contributors on Monday morning with many hoping to cash in on the payout, while mindful of the challenges that the measles outbreak has created for families in recent weeks.

Contributors Eseroma Fonomaitu, Maria Samuelu, Torise Leilua, Junior Lefaau, Omela Junior, Peta Ioane and Sio Amituanai were all at the SNPF office and told the Samoa Observer that they wanted to check their balance before deciding whether to make a withdrawal from the special dividend.

Mr Fonomaitu, 31, said the payment could not have come a better time with the country in the middle of a measles epidemic.

“I thank the S.N.P.F. office for this great opportunity that we have to get money out of our own N.P.F. account to help out our family,” he said.

“This money I will use it to help my own family, and take my kids to the hospital when they are sick.”

For 33-year-old Mrs Samuelu, the special dividend payment was a blessing for their family and she and her did not want to miss the opportunity. 

“I thank the office of the National Provident Funds for this special money, and I will use the money to help to assist the family,” she said.

Assisting his family, especially his children was on the mind of 50-year-old Torise Leilua of Vaimoso, when the announcement was made last week.

“Once I heard about this special dividend and plan to come and see how much money I can draw from the account which will help the family,” he said.

Mr Lefaau expressed the same sentiments and added that the cash will be used to assist his family. 

“The reason why I am here is to get some money from this special dividend and help out the family, as we are going to a special day.”

But for Mrs Ioane and Mr Amituanai, they are still not sure what they want to do with their portion of the special dividend payment.

Mrs Ioane said: “Well if the money comes is hundred tala it great but if it’s less well I just prefer to buy food.”

Mr Amituanai, for now, only wanted to check his balance before deciding what to do.

“I come to go somewhere else but now I changed my mind and now I am here to check the account and see how much is in the account,” he said.

“But this will also help the families with kids who are affected by the measles,”

By Jotham Ulutoa 03 December 2019, 12:00PM

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