Not funny, Tuilaepa

Dear Editor

Re: Escaped convicts get more jail time

How often do we hear about these crimes committed by those who escape from Tafaigata jail. 

Didn’t we hear Tuilaepa Sailele in that embarrassing interview with a representative from Australia mention that he was fixing the problems with escaping prisoners? 

Nothing is done and Samoa will continue to be a scary place to visit because these prisoners are getting out of jail at will and commit more crimes. 

One day, something will happen that will be worse than breaking into someone’s home. 

Raping someone who came to our country just to enjoy its beauty and have a great time was worse. 

Tuilaepa should be held accountable for these crimes that are constantly committed by those escaping from Tafaigata jail. 

Where are the millions of dollars donated from overseas countries to upgrade our pathetic facilities? 

A pa maa will not prevent prisoners from escaping and a pa maa does not cost Samoa a penny. 

People’s lives are in harm’s way because no one feels safe from the systems protecting our people. Prisoners are laughing at the court and the policing system of Samoa and the man is sleeping while these scary criminals are roaming the neighborhoods and crimes are being repeated over and over under his nose. Tuilaepa, this is not funny at all.


Mauga Tuioti

Samoa Observer

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