Mystic Movers shake up Ladies’ Night

By Nefertiti Matatia 15 March 2018, 12:00AM

The Ladies’ Night hosted by the Taumeasina Island Resort staff was filled with loads of fun and laughter. 

Entertaining the eyes of adoring women and a few envious men were the Mystic Movers – a group of young male staff members of the resort. 

More than 50 people were on the edge of their seats as they waited excitedly for what was to come next on the show. 

The Mystic Movers showcased a number of dances, with a strong island flavor highlighted through their dance moves and their outfits. 

Tourists never felt left out because the Mystic Movers engaged the audience with a blend of trending music and dancers. 

Cellphones served its purpose with most taking videos of what the night offered. 

In the grand finale, the Mystic Movers wrapped up their entertainment with a taualuga. 

Speaking to the Samoa Observer was the General Manager of the Taumeasina Island Resort, Nathan Bucknall said this show has been ongoing every Wednesday night ever since last month. 

“The boys (Mystic Movers) all work in different divisions. Some work in the kitchen, food and beverages department. And we basically give them time so they could do their practice. They do us proud.

“It is really heartwarming and they did that as a favor for me. They put a lot of effort in and I really appreciate it. They all volunteered.”

Mr. Bucknall explained: “Every week we do different numbers and then they change and mix it up. They spend a lot of time dancing and practicing.

“It is a unique experience. Nowhere else in Samoa can you find this kind of entertainment and that is what we do here. So we like to be innovative and try different things. The staff came up with the idea and I am very proud of them.”

Mr. Bucknall adds they all work together as a team. When asked if he would join the Mystic Movers he said, yes absolutely. 

The Assistant Security Manager and leader of the Mystic Movers, Visesio Molio’o says they gathered together for a better cause - to entertain their guests.

“I feel happy that we have made it this far. This does not only develop our knowledge of dancing, but at the same time how we value this hotel.

“As Samoans, we are always doing things for free. We have come up with this idea to also help this hotel. We united together for a better cause and the passion of dancing.”

He adds practice three times a week.

Among the spectators was Bruce Tasi, a passionate dancer. He was surprised by the performance of the Mystic Movers.

“I didn’t expect such a night. The boys have such an amazing talent of turning their cultural expertise into so many components in their performances tonight. I love the energy.

“Making sure that their performance was on point the whole night was really good. It was so easy for them when the crowd was building up.

“They bring in a lot more than that, their talent is rich. Maybe they have not been overseas, but they have got it all.”

He adds Samoa has a lot of talented performers.

By Nefertiti Matatia 15 March 2018, 12:00AM

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