Just live honestly

Dear Editor,


Re: Church is not a business 

It’s okay to have belief in something and stick to it. 

It’s wrong to have that belief and live a separate life like the majority of Christians do. 

You don’t go to church every other day and turn around and have some hate in your heart. 

I’ve left the Catholic Church and I just want to be a good person to other people. 

I donate money to charity every month because I want to help the less fortunate. I’ll pay extra taxes to help the poor or the needy. 

I’m not rich by any means but I care about the less fortunate because I’ve been in their shoes. 

The churches have so much power in their communities and they were supposed to be there to help the community not just spiritually but in their needs too. 

The pastors, ministers, priests are not supposed to be running around in Mercedes Benzes or three piece suits. 

Some of them have their own private jets. 

Is that what the Bible is preaching? 

It’s called a facade and in Trump’s own words, Fake! 

I’m not sure why the followers don’t see that because it’s in plain sight plus to each it’s own. SMH! Anyways, just be a good human being and we just may survive long enough to see more good things in life.



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