Tourists impressed with Clean and Green Samoa

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 12 August 2017, 12:00AM

Diane Holloway was already through her first packet of banana chips and checking out the assortment of other chips on offer at the Fugalei markets when the Dear Tourist caught up with her and husband, Laurie Holloway.

They told us they have only been here for a day and they are glad to be here following the cold spell in New Zealand. 

Diane and Laurie are admiring the beautiful floral arrangements by the local market florists and taking a closer look at one particular creation made out of a variety of Teuila flowers. 

Turning to the Samoa Observer, they shared with us that this was their first time to Samoa.

“We’ve been over to some other islands like Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and Norfolk Islands and we thought we’d come and have a look.

“Coming to the market is the first thing we’ve done actually and we thought we’d have a look around at the local markets – it’s always fun and interesting in most countries.”

The couple are staying at the Taumeasina Island Resort for two reasons, one after finding a great online deal and also because it’s the same resort their daughter will be staying in when she comes for a conference there next month. 

 “Yeah we like it there, it’s quite new and very modern, we’ve got a nice little unit. In a month’s time, our daughter is coming here for a conference and we have to look after our grandkids… our daughter will be staying at the same resort when she comes so we thought we’d get a holiday in at the same place before we do that.”

They haven’t had a chance to sample much of the food yet except for the tropical fruits which have been a big hit for Diane who doesn’t have much of a stomach for seafood which she admits regrettably.

 “Laurie loves fish and that’s my only problem, I come to the tropical island and I don’t eat fish or anything connected with the sea so I kinda miss out a bit but I make up for it with the fruits. I was amazed at some of the varieties of bananas. I’ve never seen some of them before. And these banana chips are nice. Too nice.”

Before we left the Holloways to go on their merry way, Diane wanted to give us some final thoughts on Apia.

 “Apia is much bigger than I anticipated it would be after being in Fiji and Vanuatu and all those other popular places. 

“And the schools look amazing. They just look fabulous and do you want to know something? Driving from the airport to the hotel I only saw a couple of bits of rubbish on the road, I was very, very impressed. 

“I mean I just commented to Laurie on the way here how clean and tidy it is here compared to some places we have been.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 12 August 2017, 12:00AM

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