Keep up the great work

Re: For God so loved the world

Malo lava Ronji and Rabena! 

Thank you for sharing some of your experiences, on your recent self-funded mission to 33 countries! 

It is truly powerful to read of your testimony, and to feel the passion in your voices, when you reflect upon the persecutions of the Christians that you met on the way!

It is good to hear too that you advocate strongly for true faith, and not mere church-going faith! I also like how you both saw that being Samoan, was an integral part of your success!

That in many ways, your “Samoannes”, maybe your upbringing, family values, and cultural identity gave you the ability, stamina and fortitude to handle the jandle in regards to the pressures of missionary living! Praise God! 

You have joined many of the self-funded Missionaries that first ventured into the uncharted waters, and “non-believing” communities of Papua New Guinea, Niue, Tokelau, Tuvalu, etc, back in the 19th Century when Samoa was a ‘hub’ for indigeneous ministers and missionaries in the name of the LMS and the WMMS and the like! 

Many of these forefathers, and foremothers, died in these missionary fields, and foreign lands as a result of their love of God, and their desire to spread the Gospel!

Pacific revisionist historians continue to reveal that the situations and pressures that these forerunners of Pacific mission endured, would basically make the reports about Guantanamo Bay appear like an advertisement for an Amusement Park! 

Malo lava, for choosing to give your life to spreading the Gospel. Safe travels home to Aotearoa NZ, the ‘land of the long white cloud, the land of milk and honey!’...Peace!



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