Made for love

Think a minute...A medical school examined 260 different studies of young adults to learn what they essentially need in life to be healthy, happy human beings.

After studying all the results, they renamed the entire study, Hardwired to Connect.

Just like an electronic machine is wired to work only with the right connections, we humans must have the right connections of love with each other. From the moment we are born, we need love from other people. It is basic biology.

The results of another study by Columbia University showed that a father’s love for his children, or lack of it, has a powerful and permanent impact on his kids for good or for bad.

When a father did not have an involved, close relationship with his children, those kids were 68% more likely to get into trouble with drugs, alcohol, and violence. But when children did have a close, caring father, less than 6% of those kids were likely to get into trouble.

Even though he is gone, Michael Jackson is still famous as the King of Pop music; and his album, Thriller, is still the #1 selling album in history. His amazing career started when he was only 5-years-old and the lead singer of his family’s music group the Jackson 5 who became world famous.

Some years ago Jackson shared in an interview that during his family’s first music practice, something went wrong and little 5-year-old Michael called out, “Daddy!” His father stopped everything to harshly scold and yell at Michael, saying: “I am not your father! I’m your manager! And don’t you ever forget it!” Michael says he never could forget it!

A few years ago Michael Jackson was giving a speech at Oxford University. He was talking about his foundation called Helping the Children.

Suddenly he broke down crying so emotionally and uncontrollably that he could not speak. Finally, Michael Jackson said: “I just wanted a dad. A father who showed me love. And my father never did that. He never said to me: ‘Michael, I love you.’”

Maybe you did not grow up in a close relationship with your parents, or your father never showed you much love. Today, that can all change. You can come home to your true Father Who gave you life, and will always love and accept you.

He also wants to show you His awesome plan and purpose for your life. So won’t you ask Jesus to take full control of your heart and life every day? He is the only One who can give you the real love you need and were made for.

Just think a minute…

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