We need to urgently review entire vaccination programme in Samoa

I read James Robertson’s article titled “Government needs to dispense hard truths to cure vaccine mistrust”with interest and also great concern.

It is actually bordering on unscientific scare mongering. Just a few corrections for you. Firstly there were THREE (3) deaths last year on administration of MMR vaccine. Two from malpractice and one caused by a hyperactive immune response to the MMR vaccine itself. The first death we only became aware of because the parents came forward due to the deaths later on in the year in Safotu. How many more parents are not coming forward? How many more deaths are we experiencing that we are totally unaware of?

This clearly demolishes your quote from the honourable judge supporting that vaccines are safe.

You say that the country is in dire danger because of the recent significant fall in vaccines with the assumption that increased vaccination will protect against the disease. So let us put this to the test with the little data that we actually have on vaccination in Samoa and how Samoa has fared according to our reports submitted to WHO. Do you know that when we had our highest vaccination rates we had our highest rates of measles? That throws a bit of a spanner in the works doesn't it.

You are likely unaware but in the Disney land outbreak in 2015, 38% of the people who got measles were FULLY VACCINATED. That is a bit of a worry isn't it?

Vaccinologists promised us that the following would happen:

  • Life long immunity from the vaccine. Clearly has not happened as per Disney Land outbreak
  • Would eliminate serious complications and mortality from measles. Has not happened as in the death last year that we know of and how many more???
  • Eradication of the disease (was forecast by Merck to be 1967) - clearly has not happened.
  • Will not shed -New York, primary source of infection? 2 dose vaccinated individual - vaccine is causing outbreaks:

You mention Britain with 95% vaccination rate? Well they are having outbreaks. Merck promised that at 55% immunization rate they would replicate herd immunity and prevent outbreaks. Sounds like they were a bit arrogant don't you think and completely underestimated and misunderstood how the immune system and disease works.

Just to emphasis how little you actually know about MMR and how it is working - there are 99% vaccinated populations that are still experiencing outbreaks.

Something your are also clearly unaware of - neutralizing antibody titers (the stuff in your blood that tells you you are immune to a virus) are no longer at protective levels in older populations DUE TO VACCINATIONS. What does this actually mean?

It means that mothers cannot pass on CRITICAL PASSIVE IMMUNITY TO NEONATES through the placenta pre birth and breast milk. You therefore have a two fold horror show occurring. Your very young children and your older population are becoming at risk of getting measles. Both ages ranges where the disease is MUCH MORE DANGEROUS.

The science is CLEARLY showing that the vaccine is failing and is creating a true horror show that we are just now starting to experience and is evidenced by the increasing numbers of outbreaks in fully vaccinated individuals and highly vaccinated populations.

So what do we do in a situation where a vaccine is not only dangerous in itself, but is ineffective and making things worse?

Stop the programme IMMEDIATELY. Ensure we have protocols in place to tackle measles such as the vitamin A protocol that WHO recommend and the vitamin C protocol the Dr. Archie Kalekerinos implimented in Northern Australia with resounding success.

This is how we protect Samoa and we urgently need to review the entire vaccine program in Samoa to ensure we are not making a bad situation worse.

Edwin Tamasese

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