Unemployed mother seeks assistance

By Nefertiti Matatia 17 June 2018, 12:00AM

Samitioata Afamasaga Vavao has a lot on her plate.

The unemployed mother of three from the village of Falealii and Fasitoo-Tai spoke of her daily challenges from having no water tank and living in a small hut.

On top of that, nobody in her family works and she is also tasked with looking after her mother who lives with them.

They also do not have a toilet. They use her brother’s toilet. It was never the life she imagined her children would have.

Mrs. Vavao told the Village Voice team having a water tank would most definitely help her family.

“Water is a life source to any family. Even the earth bares testament to the importance of water. The plants and the grass rely on the rain for growth. And so do us.”

“Having a water tank would be very helpful to our family. There are so many things that we need water for such as cooking, showering and fixing our washing.”

“When there is no water my two older children and I would have to go fetch buckets of water. We have to walk to our neighbour to get water. I feel for my children,” she said.  

Mrs. Vavao also shared they have no kitchen, which is why they built a small shelf outside their home.  

“As you can see, in our house there are six of us who live here. Where we make and cook our food is not secure. There is a major possibility that someone could get sick.”

“We must always be careful while preparing for a meal because we live with an elderly. There are flies everywhere.”

 “It is an open Samoan house; some of the iron roofing is old while some of the other iron roofing is good.”

She shared they are struggling financially. They have two children who are in school while the other stays home with them.

“We live off the land and if there are no crops that are ready then we would have to look for another option. What we grow is what we eat and earn money from for our children’s education.” 

“There are so many things that we wish to do but there is no stable income for us.”

For anyone who is willing to help Mrs. Vavao, contact 7246948.

By Nefertiti Matatia 17 June 2018, 12:00AM

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