New Malietoa found?

The three sides of the Malietoa family have unanimously agreed for Papali’itele Fa’amausili Moli to carry the Malietoa title. 

But the decision could be challenged in Court with other members of the family already objecting.

The decision for Papali’itele Moli to hold the title was made during a family meeting in Sapapali’i, Savai’i. This was confirmed by Papali’i Li’o Taeu Masipa’u, the family’s Spokesperson.

Papali’itele Fa’amausili Moli is the son of the late Malietoa Tanumafili II, the last holder of the title who passed away 10 years ago. 

Since then, the title has been vacant. 

But now it appears that will soon end. 

Papali’i Li’o said the agreement reached at Sapapali’i is the result of numerous meetings that have been ongoing for more than 10 years.  

 “After many meetings for close to ten years, the three sides of the family have agreed on Papali’itele Fa’amausili Moli,” he said. 

 “The three sides of the families are Malietoa Gatuitasina, Malietoa Talavou and Malietoa Moli. On Tuesday, they unanimously agreed.”

The agreement has been put into writing and filed with the Court. 

 “Our family has already submitted our notice to the Land and Titles Court who will advertise the decision for three months.

“After it’s advertisement in Savali for three months, then we will proceed with everything in accordance with our culture with regards to the bestowal ceremony.” 

According to Papali’i Li’o, when the decision was reached on Tuesday, the new Malietoa title-holder accepted his ava in Sapapali’i.

He also explained why the meeting was held in Savai’i. 

“Because our the heirs of Malietoa Gatuitasina, Malietoa Talavou and Malietoa Moli who all reside in Savai’i, the meeting was held there.” 

Papali’i Li’o added that the family is unanimous in its decision and will not take lightly anyone who opposes – or objects.

Attempts to contact Papali’i Fa’amausili Moli for a comment were unsuccessful.

His daughter referred all questions to Papali’i Li’o. 

But not everyone, it appears, is satisfied.

Papali’i Titiuatoa Malietoa told the Samoa Observer he would file a formal objection against the decision.

 “Our father has six usuga. The first usuga to a Raratonga woman where he has two children, the eldest  son is Papali’i Ah Ki Eli then our sister To’oatutai. 

“The second usuga was to the daughter of Molio’o Setu and that’s Lilitunuiavela and they have five children. 

“The oldest is Papali’i Laupepa and Moli is the youngest. 

“The third usuga is to the daughter of Fonoti Ioane Lotofaga, and I am the son Papali’ititi Uaatoa. 

“The fourth usuga, our sister has passed away and she has no heir. The fifth usuga is the daughter of Le Alo-o-Maualaivao Neru i in Malie, where Papali’i Ioane comes from. The sixth usuga, born was Papali’i Douglas. This brother of mine lives in America.” 

Papali’i Titi said it is important for the country to know this.

He also took issue with the meeting being held in Sapapali’i when the Malietoa title is not from Savai’i. 

“I was not at the meeting held in Sapapali’i, because the Malietoa title is not from Sapapali’i. We don’t walk to Sapapali’i because it’s at Vaopipi where issues pertaining to the Malietoa title should be discussed. 

“Not Savai’i. This matter, there is no word from that part of our family, that they have chosen Moli.” 

Papali’i Titi told te Samoa Observer that he would dispute this with the Court once the notice is filed. 

“When it is filed with the Court and it will be advertised on Savali, I will get to the bottom of this.”

In a Facebook post last night, Papali’i Malietau Malietoa voiced his objection. 

“No I did NOT agree, nor did my father's brothers Papalii Titiuatoa and Papalii Ioane,” he wrote. 

“Their sister Seiuli Tutai and Papalii Douglas as well. Out of the 11 children of the late Malietoa Tanumafili II, 6 are against so if the immediate house is not together then there is no Tasi. 

“This push will end badly again because it I'll advised by the same actors that brought about their defeat in Court in 2008 and 2011. Another court case is on the horizon.”

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