Some days I wish

To turn back time

To go back to moments

That once were mine


To experience them again

But with a new angle

So I find new treasures left behind

And discover all the possible angles


To turn back time

Is a dream now gone

It is lost to me back in dusk

Now it’s dawn


My friends and family

Are gone and departed

Moved on to a place

Where they can’t wait to get started


Started on a new life

By which they will live

A life so much sweeter

It fills you with bliss


I’m forgotten and heartbroken

Never to recover

I have no future; no life

No purpose; no lover


Time is a thing

That should be taken more focus

But is quickly consumed

Like wheat to locus


Looking back

At what once were

The feeling of joy and contentment

Is something I yearn


What can I do

To find that again

What must I do

To see this to the end


To know the answers

Would be something sublime

Or would it be easier

To turn back time


I have always loved things like time; of measuring the moments that pass us and trying to understand what it means.  Is it a man made concept that traps us in this world? Or is a part of nature that has always existed? 

Some questions I had as a younger child.  But one question I pondered for the longest period of my life was; “can you control time?”  Sadly I couldn’t find any answer to it, and I had to settle for the answer I thought was the wisest; “No you can’t control time because you’re not meant to; your job is to use it?”

I have always loved that answer, because it’s so true.  Time is meant to be used, not wasted in trying to gain more or conquer it in some way.  My poem is of a person who doesn’t want to move on to a new life or pass on from the life he or she already has, but sadly is the only one in their family who is not willing to leave that life.  I guess you could say he or she is scared of the unknown and uncertain future.

Recently my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints, had the wonderful opportunity to listen to counseling and uplifting messages from the leaders of our church overseas in the United States.  

All the speakers were amazing and totally helpful, but one stands out to me that relates to this topic in a way.  

This leader gave his talk on the concept of ‘tomorrow’.  

His name is Elder Jeffery R. Holland and I have always loved listening to this man speak because he speaks with such truth and love and a little humor that you can’t help but smile if not laugh a little.  But what he said that really hit me was, “Don’t be afraid of tomorrow!”

Never have any other words made sense to me than these.  

I can’t wait for the next time he speaks to my church, and you can bet every tala you have that I’ll have a pen and paper writing down the living scripture that comes out of his mouth.

So I say to you, don’t be afraid of tomorrow.  

The future is in our hands; we define the future and determine what happens. And who knows, maybe the future can’t exist unless you will it to be.

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