Disappointed with vandals

People nowadays are less honest with each other than in our forefather’s days, which makes living in this modern life not easy at all. 

That’s the view of Mario Esera of Lotopa. 

Aged 35 Mario was interviewed by Village Voice while he was at work fixing his vandalised plantation. 

“The fact that people are not honest causes problems, some of which hurt others badly. In my opinion lying is not a good thing to do,” he said

“I don’t get angry when people come and steal the fruits of my land, I mean they can have it because the fruits go to waste if they don’t come and take it.” 

“But the thing is when they came they broke the fence and by doing that, they let the pigs in.”

“I’ve also tried so many times to ask around the neighbours but I can’t get any help.”  

“I don’t mind them coming in and taking food, I feel sorry for those people who need food but please, take the bananas but leave the fence out of it.”

“It’s sometimes disappointing because I’ve spend so much time trying to maintain this land and keep it safe.” 

“I live at Lotopa but we own this land located here at Falelauniu.” 

“A few weeks ago I came and saw that one side of our fence was starting to fall down. And today I’ve also discovered the same corner is falling down again.” 

“I don’t know where these people put their brains. They should be thankful that I work to grow food for them to come and have but why don’t they return the favour by caring about a simple fence?” 

Mario reminded them that love should be returned with love.

“This is one thing Samoan people should take seriously,” he said. 

“If you are given something out of love please learn how to say thank you or at least be a man and do the right thing.”  

“Let me remind you, what you do to others, others will do to you. If we are not honest, others do not respect us.” 

“If we lie and steal somebody else’s belongings, we’ll easily fail to succeed in doing many things.” 

“It does not benefit us at all. There is always a time the truth will come out.” 

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