Serving family is most important

Even if you can’t find a job, there is another option and that is being a farmer. 

 And that is exactly what the single, Pouafe Tele’a from the village of Leauva’a is. 

Aged 46, found his passion in tending his plantation. He does his very best to do what’s best for everyone by trying to help out. 

“My daily chores consist of going to my plantation miles away,” he told the Village Voice. 

“It’s one of the hardest thing to do because I walk but now, I’m kind of used to it. It is also the only thing that allows me contribute to my family.” 

“It’s a normal routine unless I’m needed at home; then I take a break from going to the plantation.” 

“Before you ask me why I’m single, here’s the simple answer. I haven’t found the right person,” Pouafe smiled. 

“It’s not a need because I can always take care myself and I know I will have a family soon.” 

“Throughout my life, it’s just trips to the plantation and back but now that I’m moving to live with my brother and his family at Nu’u, I bet things are going to change.” 

“Change in a way that I’m going to have a wife real soon because there’s a lot of pretty faces in the town area and I will also start afresh on working on Nu’u lands and areas.” 

At Leauva’a, during harvest, Pouafe admits that he doesn’t sell any of his crops. His role in the family is to provide the fresh root crops and vegetables for his family’s consumption.

“I don’t sell them,” he said.

“I just use the for my family’s food because there are many people in my family who are currently employed; I do my part with my plantation.”

“When it comes to taking care of your family, there are times when it gets tough but there are also times when things get a little easier. As long as you work hard, that’s all that counts.”

And now that he’s moving, he says that his passion will be going to explore. 

“As far as I know I will be working on the plantation to sell what we grow,” he added. 

“I’m ready and I will do my best to provide for my family.”

“My brother has four kids. He’s the only one who has a steady job so I guess I will work hard on the plantation to earn some extra money to try and help out.” 

 “I am my family’s biggest helper and I work hard to do what I can to provide for those I love.” 

“For me, I like doing my best to serve my family and work hard in whatever chore I do around the house.”

“When it comes to family, serving them is most important,” he declared.

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