Learning to be independent

By Seia Soloi 21 February 2017, 12:00AM

Life is full of changes and challenges but we have to be thankful forwhat we have and what we earn for our family.

Tala Tavu’I, a mother of four, a 48-years old from Fusi,Safata knows very well that we should not depend on others to provide for us, we should provide for our own.

Mrs.Tavu’i blames people for not working harder, but instead complaining about the cost of living nowadays.

“We all know the cost of living is high, but we can’t do anything about it, all we have to do is work and have the courage and strength to provide for families and kids, because every day is not the same for families.”

Tala decided to live with her father’s family but ultimately, she wants to live and develop her own family and not depend on other people.

Her plantation is the only money provider for Mrs.Tavu’i and her family as neither she nor her husband are employed elsewhere. 

They depend on their plantation to earn some money.

The couple hold a flea market at Fusi, Safata selling crops and vegetables, not all day, but the money they receive is for their children’s needs.

Their income on some days is $200 tala if all goes well, if not then only $150 tala, which she says, is not enough for her family.

“I see lots of people complain, yes it is true, but we do not need to depend on others for our goods, we have to work and then work harder every day so that we can give your family the best in life.”

“We are struggling, especially as no one in our family works, but our priority now is for our kid’s school fees first, church and village obligation cost us much money but we still do it, water and electricity bills as well.”

She compared the differences between living in the urban areas with the rural areas

“Far different. We see lots of accidents in town, too busy and noisy but living far away from town is much safer and suitable. No troubles at all”

Transportation is one main problem for Tala.

“When we decide to come to the market to sell our crops, finding a car is hard is too expensive then we came by bus early morning, then catch it back after.”

Tala says whatever comes her way in the form of the difficulties in life, she is well prepared to provide for her family needs by working harder every day for them.

By Seia Soloi 21 February 2017, 12:00AM

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