They are only after the basics

Dear Editor,

Re: White elephants, economy and the need for cost benefit analysis

Thank you for your editorial. These poor people just want basic necessities of life; water and electricity. Is that too much to ask for from the government? 

If the government don’t care about the welfare of these people; then what makes you think that they have the tenacity to govern?

 If we are a Christian state as mandated by the passing of a recent law that Samoa is now recognized as a Christian state, and yet does not follow the simple principle of Christianity as”...the least of my brethren, you have done it unto me.” It shows that they are just using religion as a Geo Political instrument to further their control at the demise of the very people they should first and foremost be taken care of; the poor. 

If you go back in history, this is the same type of scenario that has been played out throughout thousands of years. The government leaders are also the church leaders or deifying themselves as Gods.

Example, the Pharaohs of Egypt, were kings and Gods at the same time, then the Romans came along and did the same thing only this time, they did it in a large scale. They have gone all over the world with the bible on one hand and the sword on the other, “convert or die.” 

Now we have a system that is based on so called Christian values that I certainly know is just a Geo Political instrument usurped by a group of elites headquartered at the Vatican for the main purpose of controlling the world.

They have corrupted the word which is based on Astro logos or Asrto Theology based on the as above so below concept that whatever constitutes in the heavens will affect us on earth.

In other words, this is the magnum opus or the great Arcanum taught by the Neoplatonist of antiquity.

The movement of the heavenly bodies or the starry planetary systems based on the Zodiac is the gospel of the stars personified by the characters in the bible. Nothing in the bible is literal its all literary. 

The one Emperor that was responsible for the closing down of the Neoplatonist school of thought that unify all wisdom and understanding with science and religion as a one wholly Science was non other than Emperor Justinian in 529 AD. 

This was the era of a major change in the system we have today, the justice system was based on his name “Justinian” Rome never fell, they have morphed from a powerful empire politically to a spiritual and more controlling than ever that every nation should bow down to “Baba” Papacy and kiss his ring because he is the “Maximus” since the fictional character of Jesus is not here which was their creation, therefore he is in charge of every living and non living thing on this earth. 

At the mean time the poor are getting poor while the rich are getting richer. So before you condemn me as a heretic, do some homework and stop being a pawn in the game for the elites that control the wealth of the world through their international banking institutions and their fake religion which they all control.

Leituala Roger B.

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