Get over it

Think a minute…A young mother said that she never really appreciated her parents until she had children of her own. Only then did she realize all her parents had gone through in raising her.

The sacrifices her parents made, the things they put up with and went without so they could feed and clothe her, pay her school fees, take care of her when she was sick, and the list went on and on.

But there are sometimes we can feel hurt or angry about things our parents did to us as children. Maybe you feel they were too hard and strict, or your parents treated you unfairly and differently from your brothers and sisters, or they even physically abused you.

You might feel they didn’t really love you, or spend enough time with you when you were young. 

Friend, it may be true that your parents treated you wrongly, so it is completely understandable that you have feelings of hurt and anger toward them. But now that you’re an adult, it’s not so much your parents but yourself whom you’re hurting by staying angry and bitter, refusing to forgive them.

Unforgiveness and bitterness will only hurt yourself, because it poisons your heart and attitude toward life.  What’s more, doctors have proven that unforgiveness and anger can cause physical suffering such as migrain headaches, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many other sicknesses.

Someone said that when we become adults, there comes a time when we have to “get over it.”  We have to “let our parents off the hook.” We have to finally stop holding our parents on the hook of our anger, bitterness, and unforgiveness.

For your own sake, you must let go of the hurt and forgive your parents, no matter what wrong and painful things they might have done to you in the past.  Remember, many times our parents were only doing what had been done to them by their own parents. So God is their fair judge, not you.

ALL need God’s forgiveness for our many wrongs and hurts we’ve caused others.  Jesus Christ said that we can never make our peace with Him and be forgiven, until we’ve made our peace and forgiven those people who have hurt and wronged us.

This includes our parents! So why don’t you ask Jesus to give you His mercy and love, so you can finally reach out to your parents to forgive them, care for them, and honor them for all the good things they did do for you—before they’re gone and it’s too late.   Just Think a Minute…

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