Chinese influence in Samoa

Dear Editor

Re: P.M. praises Chinese migrants’ work ethic

There is no denying early labor immigrant Chinese contributions and influence in Samoa.

Samoan Chinese, blood fusion between Samoan and Chinese descendants of Samoa of early days, ...intelligent, Beautiful, enterprising Christian Chinese Samoans, (I can count myself amongst), cannot be viewed under the same prism as the same with immigrant Chinese of today. Faamolemole lava PM Tuilaepa.

Lea ua amata mai au faasaikolisi i mafaufau o Samoa. STOP IT!

Needless to say, early immigrant Chinese are true Samoans albeit the slant to the eyes and a bit straighter texture to the hair, Samoa is in their DNA and cultural orientation. Some are more Samoan then pure-blooded Samoans, if there is such a thing. Samoa already knows these facts.

Thank you to one of these learned daughters of Samoa, Ms. Ronna Lee Lei Sam, for this initiative. Samoa is richer today, culturally, socially and spiritual because of the DNA in its gene pool. We are indeed grateful to every genetic drop of chopsueyness in our bloods today. 

Oh yes Stud! Our Chinese indentured labor parents, stowaways or by whatever means or reason they arrived in Samoa in the 18th & 19th century, we honor their labor of love, their tolerance and determination for a better life. Their memories live on in Samoa’s history and their contributions a perpetual reminder of the best in Chinese cultural & humanity we have as Chinese Samoan.

However, we Samoans need to be reminded of the huge difference between our early immigrant Chinese who made Samoa their home and whose posterities are the Samoans of today, for they are a completely different class of traditional Chinese from the new greedy immigrant Chinese of today. These. 21st Communist Chinese are a ruthless bunch motivated by monies and total control of a people and country through ECONOMIC means, aided by a Communist Chinese Leadership with a policy of total world dominant dependency. Global economic dependency and military power is its creed.

Our Samoa Chinese ancestors are turning in their graves in the knowledge of present China’s design for Samoa and PM Tuilaepa’s willingness to sell Samoa’s Birthrights, a priceless possession, to present Communist China for pieces of silver, if truth be known.

Samoa, Ms. Ramona Lee Lei Sam’s, 20 years in the making, Museum exhibition, is a commendable and educational Samoan Chinese history must see. 

But please, do not allow PM Tuilaepa’s political agenda an psychological mind games to taint your minds.

 Tuilaepa will use this well intended historical work to sugar coat and influence sympathies among Samoans. 

Oh no, Tuilaepa’s romance with China should be viewed as harmfully destructive to Samoa. 

Reject his overtures with every will and breath in our bodies and minds. Soifua.


Asipau McMoore Tafua

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