Florist celebrates Mother's Day at the market, working for her family

Not every mother in Samoa dressed up in their finest white and headed to church today for Mother's Day.

For Valasi Nanai Livigisitone, who is a florist at the Fugalei Market, the Samoa Observer came across her still working on Mother’s Day.

The mother of six said while it's important to mark the occasion, she doesn't really believe in it.

“Ever since I was married and had kids I never celebrated Mother’s Day," she said. 

"I did not want my family to commemorate it because I have a different perspective.

“A mother is the life of a family, if a mother rests a family falls apart, if a mother oversleeps the family will not eat," she said. 

"A mother will always prioritise the well-being of her family and that is why I am here at the market selling floral arrangements to help put food on the table for my family.

“The father is the head of the family and that is true but like any head it needs the neck to be able to move and a mother’s role is just like a neck to makes sure everything runs smoothly by making her family happy,” she said.

The 53-year-old from Afiamalu said that her children are her inheritance from the Lord; they are the only gifts that she needs.

“As you can see, I am a florist but I have never learnt how to be a florist from anyone instead I learnt on my own through God’s guidance.

“I had to ask God for his help because all the knowledge and wisdom in this world are from God and He has guided me throughout everything but in my own opinion all mothers know how to make a floral arrangement because our Samoan people are very talented.

“If mothers are lazy and unwillingly to sweat to make a living to support their families then it becomes their loss and their families will always be hungry,” she said.

She also told the Samoa Observer that she usually sells her floral arrangements for $40 or $50.

“But one customer gave me a $100 and said that it was my gift for working on Mother’s Day and I told her that I work for my family.

“I advise all the mothers in Samoa that we as mothers are capable of so many things; whatever we set our minds to do we complete it through God’s help because without God we can never get anything done right.

“In terms of gifts in the form of material things, I also believe that Mother’s Day should not be a time for families to waste money on expensive gifts, they have no true value instead it will cost your kids and husband a lot of money but then what is your family going to eat the next day,” said Mrs. Livigisitone.

“Life is precious, so do not prioritise material things instead the greatest gift kids can give their mothers is obedience, if a child is obedient then they will listen and be guided in life by parents’ good advice but if are not obedient they will end up in the wrong path in life.”

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