Be careful, God is watching

Dear Editor,

Re: Corruption breeds poverty and hardship. They in return produce thieves.’

 Mata’afa, please lets take a faifeau for example, ok?

One side is Corruption and Poverty and Hardship on other side, right?

So which side do you think the faifeau is standing tall?

Be good to hear your answer but to me, it’s an insult for any Samoan to say that our faifeau are poor and need water..ei?  Am I right?

Oh, lets say Tuilaepa or The Government, for example.

If the leader is corrupted, then all his boys and girls are too, is that right Mata’afa?

Take you Mata’afa for example, if you are corrupt then your kids are corrupt too, is that right? So faifeau and Tuilaepa please don’t get excited yet it’s only an example.

Truth is...if corruption starts from the top, then poverty and hardship have no choice but support it. Corruption has the power.

‘Don’t people care anymore about the Bible and its teachings?’

No. Because the top is so corrupted that they themselves are not reading The Bible. They are only using The Bible to gather wealth for themselves.

‘Have we forgotten that God is watching no matter what?’

They forgot God is watching like you say Mata’afa. They are not stupid

‘Are we becoming a nation that is no longer God-fearing?’

Yes we are. Why? Those at the top are corrupted times eleven.

“Fear God is The Beginning of Wisdom. Fear faifeau is the beginning of foolishness.”

Would you steal if you knew God is watching you while you are stealing? 

No. I know because I grew up like that.

So why do you steal?

Because the faifeau you are fearing is not there.

Would you do it if he/she is there?

‘Do these people not care at all that Samoa has just officially become a Christian state?’

You know, if that kind of bill was introduced in the Muslims World. They would burn and kill those who introduce it. Understand Mata’fa?



I tell you truth Mata’afa, that is the message for the Government.

The God who Established Samoa wrote in every Samoan’s heart that we are Christians before we entered Earth. Don’t insult Him.

‘In Samoa, most of our leaders – especially the government - don’t believe they exist.’

What about our faifeau?

I red article this week about this guy who only worry about his maumaga eaten by pigs. You see Mata’afa, now even pigs steal, ei? How low? 

Next thing, pigs can fly. 

But I tell you what, it might happen. Samoa will be the first country where pigs fly. To remind them the time they steal, while their God is watching.

 Imagine people from Earth come to see that in Samoa and they ask. How did those pigs get their wings? Stole them from the chickens. Now Samoa bans all chickens - SA-MOA.


You see Mata’afa, when a Samoan swears that one ai****, it hurts God. Please faifeau tell your people to stop swearing. God is watching.


Ben Valelei

Samoa Observer

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