Couple in Samoa to escape New Zealand chill

By Talaia Mika 08 March 2019, 12:00AM

Escaping New Zealand's chilly temperature was a motivating factor for couple Derek and Brenda Burns and they "love the heat" in Samoa.

They were at the Savalalo flea Market looking for presents for their families back in New Zealand when the Samoa Observer caught up with them.

The couple described their visit to Samoa as "memorable" and would love to return to the country, when the opportunity came along. 

They said they have also been to resorts around the island and said the local people were very friendly and they had a fantastic time. 

While the heat has been a challenge – upon their arrival in Samoa – they said it was the very reason they chose to visit Samoa and they are loving it. 

“We have met quite a lot of Samoan people plus our Samoa friends back in New Zealand and so it must be very important and special for them.”

“We came to experience the heat here and we have learned about Samoa and it’s weather from one of our friends back in New Zealand so we decided to visit Samoa,” Mrs.  Burns said.

Mr. Burn also explained that they would only love to return to New Zealand when the weather in Samoa becomes chillier.

“I mean it’s the only reason why we visited although we also experienced about the many other beautiful sites of Samoa but I love the heat more,” he said.

The arts and crafts vendors were also benefitting from the old couple as they have bought some of their Samoan crafts as presents for New Zealand.

The couple is keen for a second visit.


Toa Samoa
By Talaia Mika 08 March 2019, 12:00AM

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