Democracy in Samoa

Re: Issue of H.R.P.P. bylaws 

If La’auli was elected by his constituents to represent them in Parliament, and he does this by voting against the PMs bill, and then the PM kicks him out of the party because he is not loyal to the PM, then La’auli should be allowed to remain as an independent MP because he represented the voters who elected him. 

This is a no brainer, and only someone who acts like a dictator would believe that this man should be out of Parliament until a by-election re-elects him as the representative of his constituents.

This is a perfect example of how the Government operates a manipulated majority government, which gives him absolute power over all decisions affecting all Samoans. 

Samoans abroad who live in democracies understand this, which is why they throw dog food and pigs heads at him and swear at him. 

They do this because they see how bad it is and they are frustrated. This is not a democracy, no matter how much PS Jeffrey, or Hollywood Joe argue that it is a democracy. They might be the same person. I can’t imagine more than one person would argue such nonsense non-stop in the Samoa Observer.


Wendy Wonder 

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