Simply unbelievable

Dear Editor,


Re: Why delay in $13m church project

This is very concerning to see. Sooo, the financial shivers the Samoan economy faces as well as the huge debts and the country can allow funding ‘another’ church project worth millions but can’t provide things like better social welfare, better education resources, better health services, infrastructural needs?

So the option at hand is to just build more churches? 

Every other day there is church development, restoration, rebuilding?

I don’t really understand how people can complain about dire social issues in Samoa on one hand and still have the other hand to let millions go for church development?

 Samoa can’t pray their problems away? What’s the justification for this? 

Church needs rebuilding? 

If so, why does it have to be so big, so far? Is it an incentive? Where is the rationale behind this wasteful spending? 

I can’t fathom what goes through the mind of someone looking at the societal problems of Samoa, people resorting to begging, crime, children on the streets, better social services and still nodding to allow this kind of spending.



Arthur Loren

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