The Power of a Mother

By Samoa Observer 10 May 2016, 12:00AM

In the attic of my mind lay treasures beyond compare-

Taught long ago by the patient hand of mother so mild and fair.


No matter how far the traveler goes, across seas so daunting and far-

She’ll always recall those treasures dear that time cannot dim nor mar.


The treasure of truth, the treasure of love the treasure of meekness mild-

Sown patiently in the stubborn heart of a strong and willful child.


The treasure of work so skillfully taught; the one lesson eagerly learned-

That the greatest reward that can ever come is a reward that is honestly earned.


The treasure of trust in the one true Friend that all can follow and love-

The treasure of hope for that better day that comes from God above.


This past weekend all around the world we have had a chance to celebrate motherhood and honor mothers.  It has caused me to reflect on the many wonderful women who have mothered me over the years.  I thought of these lines of William Ross Wallace’s poem, 

    Woman, how divine your mission, 

          Here upon our natal sod; 

      Keep—oh, keep the young heart open 

          Always to the breath of God! 

      All true trophies of the ages 

          Are from mother-love impearled, 

      For the hand that rocks the cradle 

          Is the hand that rules the world.

      Blessings on the hand of women! 

          Fathers, sons, and daughters cry, 

      And the sacred song is mingled 

          With the worship in the sky— 

      Mingles where no tempest darkens, 

          Rainbows evermore are hurled; 

      For the hand that rocks the cradle 

          Is the hand that rules the world.

I thought of my own mother who nurtured and raised me.  She taught me right from wrong, how to say sorry when I mess up, to do my best and then trust in God to make up for the rest, and how to love unconditionally. 

The sacrifices she made for my siblings and me are incalculable and invaluable.   I think of times in my life when things felt hopeless and it seemed as if the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel was unattainable. 

Things my mother taught, words that she said helped me get through those times.  Her examples of strength, courage, and perseverance have given me immeasurable strength to face the challenges in my life.


My life on a loop

Played back on a screen

Whose loving influence

& good fruits would be seen?


Hurts loved & cuddled

Flared tempers chilled

Teaching, advising

Your days were filled


Taxi driver, facilitator,

Advisor & friend

Guiding, directing

Through thick & thin


Newlywed tiffs patched

Grandkids babysat

Supporting, sustaining

You’re awesome like that


Life throws us curves

Dumped on our heads

All things thru Christ

That’s what you said


Do right in faith

That’s always your way

It will all work out

You often would say


When I think of my blessings

And list them out nice

You’re just such a blessing

That I count you twice


I give my thanks

Hoping one day

For your example

Somehow to repay


This Mother’s Day I thought of my aunt Nancy, who was my idol growing up.  I thought of her spirit and spunk.  She taught me that being a strong and powerful woman was okay.  She taught me to value being independent and free, and to enjoy life. 

She continues to teach me to appreciate small things and to see the beauty in the world around me.

I thought of my sisters and their powerful influence for good in my life.  They have always been there for me and supported me when I needed it, often giving me a prod or a kick in the rear when I needed that too.  

I also thought of all the surrogate moms I had when I first moved to Samoa as a young, inexperienced mother so far from home and my own mother.  So often I felt lost and at my wits end in coping with life, a new culture, kids, and relationships. 



 They loved me, guided me, taught me how to survive in Samoa, and how to be a good mother to my very active boys.


Any woman who helps, loves and nurtures others or in other words “gives life” is a mother.  I thought of all my amazing women friends some young, some old, some married, some single, all wonderful; all of them mothers.  

They give life to others in so many ways.  I see them give life as they work as nurses, therapists, yoga teachers, masseuses and teachers.  I see them give emotional life to those who are depressed, abused, and rejected. 

I see them give spiritual life as they work as pastors, youth leaders, and Sunday school teachers.  I see them give life as they reach out and love and serve those all around them.


This mother’s day I thought of all the “mothers” I’ve have had in my life, those who have given and still give me physical, spiritual, and emotional life.  Thank you for all you have given me.  I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the parts each of you have played in my life.


Remember your mothers.  Don’t let your honoring them only last one day.

By Samoa Observer 10 May 2016, 12:00AM

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