Businessman advocates lashing

A businessman from Vaimoso, Sio Silva has a solution to solve this problem of students fighting in public places. 

“Lashes are the only answer for these kids,” said Mr. Silva.

“When I was in Japan 30 years ago they just passed this law of lashes, because a lot of kids that were being bullied committed suicide, because they were afraid to go to school.

“I believe if we too have a law like this I’m telling you, we wouldn’t have this problem because the kids will be so afraid to do anything like this in public.”

Mr. Silva also said that the reason he has come up with this is because back in the days, this was the way they were disciplined by the police.

“Back in our day we used to get lashes from the police, but none of us has died from it,” she said.

“As a matter of fact we are okay and because of that, we were able to learn from it and be scared to fight in public places because we knew what we would get from the police.”

And as to why the frequency of students fighting has come about, Mr. Silva blamed the “Child’s Right Policy.”

This “Child’s Right Policy,” is the reason why all our these kids are like this, because they know no matter how much they cause problems they will never get a hiding from anyone including the police because they are protected by this Child’s Right Policy,” said the businessman.

“[But] I’m telling you this “Aia Tatau B******* is the reason why our kids are acting wild like this.” “Is this the child’s right to go and bully other kids and get into fights in public places?

“No it’s not, this is why all of these problems are arising because of the ban of discipline in schools and home as well which is b******.”

He said, it’s better to spank the children rather than taking them to jail where they will become worse.

“It’s just a waste of time to take these kids to jail, they will never learn but if we were to try this, I’m sure all these kids will not fight anymore because they know that it will hurt them,” he said.

“So I urge the government to reconsider this ‘Child’s Right Policy’ because this is the starting point of all of these problems. Allow the police to discipline these kids when they are caught.

“It’s not like I’m saying lash them until they die no, the police know when to stop but at least the kids will learn and know that they will never want to go through this because they’ll know it hurts.” 

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