Make someone happy

Think a minute…There were two sick men who shared a room in a hospital. The man whose bed was by the window was allowed to sit up for an hour each day to help drain the fluid from his lungs. But the other man had to spend all of his time lying flat on his back.  

These two ill men talked for hours every day. They talked about their wives and families, their jobs, and their many life experiences. Each day when the man by the window sat up in his bed for an hour, he told his roommate all the things he could see outside the window, especially the park with its lovely pond and gardens. This made the other man so happy that he eagerly looked forward to that one hour every day as he listened to his roommate talk about the people and beauty of the world outside their hospital window. 

One night the man by the window died in his sleep. The other man who shared his room was deeply sad. He greatly missed his roommate who had shared with him about the beautiful world outside their window. The other man asked if his bed could be moved to the window where his friend had been, so he himself could see the beauty outside. But when he turned his head to look out the window, he was shocked to see nothing but a dirty blank wall!

When he told the nurse all the things outside their window that his roommate had described to him, the nurse said to him:  “Your friend who sat by the window was blind. He could not see anything. I think he wanted to make your life happier.”

Jesus teaches that we are much more blessed and satisfied when we give to others rather than receive for ourselves. The only way to be truly and fully happy is to make others happy. The only way to find a real life of meaning and purpose is to give your life away by loving and helping others. This is how our Creator Himself lives. He loves us so much that He became a human being to die for all our wrong living and sins, so He could give us His forgiveness and new life. Won’t you ask Jesus to forgive you and start changing you from the inside out? He will give you His power to start loving and living for others the way He does and designed you to. Just think a minute… 

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