Compared to overseas, Samoa is paradise

Samoa is the pearl of the Pacific.

That’s the view of Lui Tevaga, from the village of Falelauniu. He says that if he was to compare Samoa to many other countries in the world, we are indeed a paradise.

Aged 32, Lui and his family just recently moved to Falelauniu from Moamoa and says that everything is going great with life.

“Right now life here in Samoa is very good,” he told the Village Voice. “Everything is just very peaceful. If we were to compare our Island to overseas countries going through a lot of conflict, we definitely are a paradise.

“I feel so sorry for a lot of other countries in the world. War torn nations with children growing up with nothing else but violence. That’s what I consider struggle.

“For us in Samoa, we have a lot of peace and everything is very nice.”

But even paradise isn’t perfect.

“The only problem I can think of is the thoughtlessness of people,” Lui said. “Here in the village, people would walk around at night time making so much noise. They don’t care about the noise they make and the words they use.

“This happens especially during the weekends. They come and stand in front of people’s houses and scream at the top of their lungs. “They don’t care that we have children and some of the words they use shouldn’t be heard by them. Especially the young girls we have in the houses.

“They also don’t think of the elders living in the village.”

Dealing with the problem of drunkards on the road isn’t easy; Lui said that the best thing to do is just wait it out.

“There’s not much I can do to help the situation,” he said.

“If I were to beat up a drunk in front of the house then not only will I set a bad example for the children but I will be the one who gets in trouble.

“I can’t take the law into my own hands so I will get punished worse than the drunken person if a fight were to break out.” But other than that one problem, Lui says everything is great.

“Other than that one issue, everything is fine with life,” he said. “We just recently moved here and that’s why our house hasn’t been built yet. We were residing in Moamoa before we moved here.

“We are finally using our land here. Since we have just moved here there’s not much we can say on life here in Falelauniu but rest assured that everything is alright with us.”

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