Apples and oranges

Re: Scared of being exposed 

Steve stop showing off about how much money you have, if you’re making that much fly over and cast your vote.

Also do these other “accountable countries” you’re talking about have an overseas population vastly outnumbering the locals which is the situation here in Samoa?

New Zealand? Nope not even close, estimated 20% of NZ citizens are living abroad at any one time but they can’t vote after living overseas for more than 3 years. 

Australia? Nope smaller percentage than NZ has living overseas. 

USA? Nope. UK, France, Ireland, Germany, Argentina, Japan, India, Korea, Canada, Switzerland? 

You guessed it, nope, nope, nope.

None of these countries are in the same position as us population wise, so to compare our voting systems is an apples to oranges affair, you’re either being naive or disingenuous.



In Samoa 

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