Don’t let the rain spoil your Christmas plans

By Josefa Steven Maiava 15 December 2016, 12:00AM

It’s that time of year again.

December has arrived and with it, all the lovely joys of giving, love and compassion. 

With Christmas just around the corner, some people may feel uneasy with the current weather patterns surrounding Samoa. 

Recent reports from Samoa Meteorology Division states that average to above average rainfall is expected for for December 2016 to February 2017.

In all likelihood, this expected rainfall might foil your family’s spontaneous plans for an adventurous outdoor Christmas experience.

Whether it be a simple picnic with the family and friends or just a relaxing warm day at the beach, Christmas should be enjoyed anywhere as long as you’re surrounded by the ones you adore.

In the off chance that you can’t be around loved ones just know that you’re never alone, this is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior after all, and he will always be with you in your hearts.

Don’t let a little bit of rainfall amongst other negative aspects define your Christmas spirit! 

Sure, it may limit your family’s activity list significantly, but Christmas is much more than just creating exhilarating outdoor experiences with the family.

It’s the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth and the power of bringing family members together once more.

For many families, Christmas is a time of gloom.

Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t possess the right means to purchase their children expensive presents?

Or their family isn’t whole because some family members simply could not make the trip back home for the holidays?

Or maybe it’s the unbearable sadness of losing someone important before Christmas?

For these families, their Christmas spirits are on the verge of shattering, kicking the joyful season off on a pessimistic note.

On the contrary, some families find Christmas to be nothing but an explosion of joyful laughter and praise.

Maybe it’s because they have everything going for them this Christmas season, who knows?

Nevertheless, the important thing to take away from this special holiday is not whether or not you got any expensive gifts from anyone.Or the lights in the Christmas tree or the sock full of goodies.It’s the complete gratification for all of the Lords miracles he has so graciously bestowed on everyone, and appreciation for his protection over you throughout the year.

Many people around the globe couldn’t make it to this year’s Christmas celebration due to an unfortunate term of events.

So maybe instead of letting material things, weather, and other depressing conditions steer you away from having a joyful Christmas, you could perhaps celebrate this Christmas on behalf of all those unfortunate souls who are not with us anymore. No matter what, Christmas is a season to be jolly so be safe, celebrate responsibly and Merry Christmas Samoa. 


By Josefa Steven Maiava 15 December 2016, 12:00AM

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