A mother’s core role is her children

Mothers play multiple roles in the family.  

For instance a mother is someone who holds the family together. But key among these responsibilities is their ability to raise children right.

So says Marie Ma’aseia Tinou of Tuana’i and Nono’a Saleimoa.

Aged 84, Mrs. Tinou has nine children, 29 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

Speaking to the Village Voice, Mrs.Tinou said motherhood holds the key to a successful nation.

“Despite the many changes nowadays, personally I believe the core duty and responsibility of a mother is to her children,” she said.

“From my own experience as a mother in my family, a mother is someone who provides the programme for everything that needs to be done in the family and focus on how to raise their children in the most righteous way.” 

“I taught my children on how to do little things such as chores,  make them see what they need to change, to work for to achieve and to help in the development of our family and that is what I’m still doing at the moment.”

“My children may be older now but it doesn’t mean I have lost my right to put some sense into their heads when I see them not acting right. No, it is my duty as a mother to make things right for them, whether it’s through scolding or a hiding, a mother has to do what a mother has to do.” 

“I taught them of how to live life because I didn’t want them to live off other people.”

“I don’t know about other mothers but that’s how I am.”

“I work with honesty to raise my children, to develop my family with my own hands because I didn’t want any of my children to become people that rely on other people and want things from other people.”

“I was certain about the ways I was raising my children and now we are at a time where we are drinking and eating from the fruits of our own hands.”

Mrs. Tinou together with her late husband, who recently passed away last year have always been family oriented. 

“My relationship with my husband meant everything to me and ever since we started our lives together, he has never lay a hand on me. Our relationship was filled with so much love.”

“As a mother, I kind of love the idea of working hard for your family.” 

“Taking care of my children at the time means so much to me and my husband and I raised our children with ‘one word and thats that’ instruction and because if the mother and father communicate differently to their children, it may cause confusion for the kids.”

“There have been struggles but I chose to strongly stand for my family.’ 

“My husband used to work and I stayed home to look after the children and work the lands. That’s how things are suppose to be.”

“But now there are too many changes in our role as mothers.”  

“Our children’s relationship with their parents has changed; too much respect has been lost.”

“Children don’t listen to their parents anymore, unlike back then, once you tell your kid to do something they do it straight away.” 

“Mothers used to be family oriented and now most mothers are focusing on other things instead of prioritizing children.”

“And I think that’s why a lot of children are acting out today because mothers have missed out on doing their main responsibility.”

Mrs.Tinou is one happy mother and she says “For Mothers Day, my children are blessings. They are a gift and they now take care of me, put food on the table for me and that’s all I need.”

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