Like father, like son (Part 1)

Think a minute...Not long ago a famous movie star and his son were put in jail for doing illegal drugs together. Being busted for drugs together is a rather tragic father-son bonding activity! But it proves yet once again: “Like father, like son.” Ask yourself: “Do I want my son to be like me?” 

Our sons learn to follow our example both by our words and by our ways. The things that we “show and tell” our children are important in life are the things that will become important in their life. 

Walter Reuther, the labor leader of the United Auto Workers in the U.S., was deeply influenced by his father who was a union organizer. Reuther’s father taught his sons at home how to debate major issues. Their father said: “It was no accident that three of my sons became leaders of labor unions.” 

However, we fathers teach our sons far more by our daily ways of living than by our words. Our son watches, listens and learns from the way we work, the way we play, and the way we treat people every day. “Actions speak louder than words”—so our sons learn mainly from our daily example. “More is caught than taught.” Someone said: “Till a boy is 15 he does what his father says. After that, he does what his father does.”

A young man told his father: “When I was young I usually did not listen when you were telling me about right and wrong. But what influenced me most was watching you every day. I imitated what you were, not what you said.”  

A major study was done of wealthy families with teenage sons in trouble with the law. Though the fathers told their sons to be honest, hardworking and respectful of others, those same fathers would cheat, lie, and make dishonest business deals. No wonder their sons were in trouble with the law! They followed their dad’s bad example and ways, not his words and speeches.

So Dad, ask yourself: “What is there about me I do not want my son to copy? Do I have character worth copying?” Won’t you ask Jesus right now to forgive you for not living the way you know you should, and to help you start changing, so you can begin to truly “walk your talk”? That is the only way to get a confident and clear conscience, so you will want your son to become like you. Just think a minute… 

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