The truth about what’s happening in the Police

Dear Editor,

I wrote last time about the Commissioner and commented that the police don’t have anyone of principle and character who is mature enough to instigate a revolt like this unless it was incited from higher up. 

I implied that if the charges are credible then a senior officer of principle would see it fit to follow through with the letter without having to hide because a higher principle of honesty and accountability is at stake. Now this letter from a junior officer confirms my intuition. 

There’s no denying that people in politics have in that past raised their objection of the Commissioner’s tactic as LAPD style, not suitable for us here in the islands, and have express sour remarks of the Commissioner. 

This inside information confirms it. And may I add, with the knowledge of the Minister, which further confirms my opinion or at least strengthen my view that the buddy buddy system in the force is alarm by the new sheriff in town.

It’s funny how the Minister was very quick into seeing through the new investigation and charges brought up against his senior policeman without him seeing it through whether it will hold substance.

If I was the Minister, I would’ve oversee this information and see if it can be resolved within my jurisdiction without having to compromise the image of the department, unless his motives too is to subside the new changes and the new style of doing things.

Let me tell you of another intuition if the Observer permits me, these corrupt officers wouldn’t have the guts to go through with the letter on their own if they weren’t aware of someone higher looking after their backs. Their guilty conscience would not have permitted them.

Why do I know this? Because it’s the nature of humans to hide and not stir the pot if you’re guilty of something. Adam and Eve, Abel and Cain, Jacob and Esau to name a few. 

God built this guilt mechanism in all humans so that even in sin his glory is still magnify. This is true of all humans. ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he’, King Solomon.

It’s funny that the letter made mentioned of the Ombudsman. I was critical of the Ombudsman in my first letter since he crucified the Commissioner on his findings and yet ignore the big picture and what’s at stake. 

My critic of him as with a few others who have expressed their views on the issue before, is that he chose a popular fight instead of the right fight and now this is the result of it.

Anyone with substance and with moral inclinations like the Ombudsman would’ve seen through this as either politically motivated or sour tune of the old school resisting new changes. 

I’m not as smart as he is but I can see through this thing like a hawk, why can’t he? The letter mentions these issues of the hush hush old school tactics and yet he didn’t factor that in, in his findings and decided to go skin and bone against the Commissioner and add fuel to corruption. 

Where is his moral obligation to the people, to the bigger good?

What makes us humans higher in all of God’s creation is our ability to decipher between what’s legal and what’s right, or what’s good and what’s right.

The case between Air New Zealand and other parties involve in the Mt. Erebus accident was a case between what’s legal and what’s right. Though ANZ was clearly at fault, yet the Judge sided with ANZ because there was a bigger principle involve. The people and the country should not be punished because of the mistakes of a few. 

Here, the opposite is true. The people and the country are permitted to suffer to coverup the injustice and corrupt of the few. Laws were made by humans, but right and wrong was made by God. 

I think our readers can figure out the significant difference in the two and best judge which one to side with when shit hits the fan.

There is definitely corruption in the police department and it’ll continue to stay corrupt unless a genuine effort by our leaders to ‘drain the swamp’ as Trump puts it.

The immortal words of one carpenter of past, ‘... you cannot put new wine into old wine skins..’, because it’ll burst.

Is our country and people ready for the truth? Are we ready to say enough is enough? Are we ready to do the right thing? Are we ready to be accountable in what we do?



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