Better act on it before it’s too late

Dear Editor,

After reading the Samoa Observer dated Tuesday 15th November 2016, I am now beginning to doubt my own safety as well as the safety of my family in my own country of Samoa. 

My doubts resulted from reading the ‘Ghost Letter’ or in other words ‘Le Tusi o Aitu’ in the newspaper.  Not only this ‘Aitu’ letter, but also another article titled ‘M.P. calls for an Inquiry’.  I was wondering whether we now have ‘Aitus’ in the Samoa Police Force.  

Although I was born in Samoa, I have been living abroad for many years, and I always called my beloved country of Samoa, my haven and paradise.  Now, I am beginning to question my own thoughts concerning the beauty and safety of Samoa.  At the same time, I am also embarrassed because of the corruption of our police force which has now been exposed internationally.  E moni lava le upu, “e toaitiiti lava e faia, ae ta’uvalea ai le toatele”.

These are the phrases or ideas I remember from the ‘Aitu’ letter.  I will put them down in a list, as I believe that when I share your thoughts, it releases my stress.  Well, this situation brings me extreme stress and fear.  

1.  Cases forgotten and then swept under the carpet!!  

I remember when my teenage son was beaten up by a group of boys; we went straight to the Police and reported the incident.  A few days later, we had to go back and repeat what the same report as the file had disappeared, perhaps taken by ‘aitus’ into their ghost world.

Another incident was when I went to the police to report another incident of sexual harassment via texting.  The police officers told me that they would get back to me and they would quickly work on the case, being that the evidence had been provided.  Again the ‘Aitus’ quickly erased my case from their memories, and it was as if nothing ever happened. I never heard from them again.

2.  Reinstating police officers who have broken the law.

3.  Allowing the same officer who has committed crimes to supervise other officers who have witnessed against him. Wow!  That is scary!

These junior officers who reported on this criminal who is now their supervisor, must be living in a world of fear working under him.  That must be a real ghostly experience.

4.  Lazy Police Officers who work for a few hours and then disappear, who are wasting tax payers money. (I also work very hard in a government department and I understand this very well.)

5.  Corruption. People just in there to get the best for themselves not even truly serving their country.

6.  Resistance to the implementation of the law 

Why is there resistance?  Is there a fear of Aitu acts being exposed?

7.  An ongoing police culture.


Na o le toa moni e mafai ona tu mo le mea moni.  Afai e toaga e nana, o lona uiga o oe moni o le tagata pepelo ma le faomea, alu ia i le mea e i ai le lili vau o nifo ma le tagi aue!

8.  Taking vehicles home for personal use 

9.  Let us work together for the safety of our country.


Fai mai e Faavae Samoa i le Atua ae matua leai ma se mata’u o nei leoleo i le Atua.  Faafetai i le leoleo na tusi atu i le nusipepa ananafi.  Faafetai i le loto toa aemaise o le faamaoni.  A o se tama a ai?  Le fesili taatele lea a tagata.  Ai na aoaoina lelei ia e ana matua.  Thank you Junior Officer.  That took a lot of courage and honesty.  These are the kind of Police Officer Samoa needs, not those who are lazy and waste tax payers money such as myself.

Well Minister of Police, Prime Minister, Cabinet, are we going to ACT on this before someone gets killed?  Or are we just going to brush it under the carpet? 

Remember ‘AITUS’ can kill people.  Why don’t we look for the Aitus in the Police Force and lock them away before they destroy innocent police.  Remember God is Watching.  ACT ON IT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

Tiana Sikaloni

Someone who does not like ‘AITUS’

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